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History of Particle 

Particle is a literary magazine based in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Established in 2013, Particle was first proposed by one of the lecturers of the School of English.  As a small and budding school, Particle was an intimate team and created for the sake of its students.The name itself was a play on multiple meanings:  

  1.  In grammar: words that fall outside the traditional eight parts of speech. it relies on the word it is paired with to have meaning (e.g. to)
  2. A minute portion or fragment of something
  3. One of the smallest pieces of matter 
  4. A play on the word 'article'

Each lecturer headed up one department out of the three: Poetry, Fiction & Creative Nonfiction, and Essays & Reviews. This was a way to provide students with the opportunity to learn to edit and provide feedback. Soon enough, the magazine grew and became student-run. Particle was able to foster a sense of community and connection between all the campuses. One year, Particle managed to snag a spot at the Georgetown Literary Festival to sell a limited printed anthology.  

Mission Statement 

We aim to provide a platform for the University of Nottingham’s literary community and to promote the work of both emerging and established writers and artists within Southeast Asia. We are committed to providing space and amplifying the voices of those whose communities and/or identites are marginalized or underrepresented without fear. 


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