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All students (Malaysian, International and Malaysian citizens) are mandatory to [enrol, undertake, complete and pass] - these required stages in the General Studies Department modules (formerly known as Compulsory Subjects) before the end of the graduation. This is a precondition for the award of degrees in Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEI) under the Private Higher Education Act 1996. As a private higher educational institution, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is subject to PHEI regulations effective 1 September 2013. Refering to the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia Administrative Circular JPT / GS1000-606 JLD.1 (30) dated 22 July 2013.  

Note: The new general studies department modules (MPU) are only applicable to all students enrolling in Undergraduate studies commencing 1 September 2013 at any PHEI in Malaysia.  


The new general studies department modules (MPU) comprise four broad categories namely:

  • U1: Appreciating           
           Values and History
  • U2: Mastering Humanity
  • U3: Broadening Knowledge
           About Malaysia
  • U4: Developing Practical



To apply for exemption from either soft skills module or Bahasa Kebangsaan (A)/National Language (A) [Level II], students are required to provide evidence of the following:

  • A credit in Bahasa Malaysia / National Language subject at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) level; or
  • A pass at SPM level and a principle at STPM (Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia) level.

Please contact the department for further information.  

General Studies Department

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