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Malaysia is home to Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups, which makes the country a melting pot of beliefs, practices and festivals. The diverse culture and natural biodiversity of Malaysia makes for an interesting experience for a student from any other part of the world. 

In Malaysia, you can snorkel on a pristine beach on one day, and explore the National Mosque on the next. You can shake hands with an orangutan or shop your heart out at designer boutiques. The country is a perfect blend of East meets West and provides a safe and original university experience.

Discover yourself in Malaysia, truly Asia!


We have compiled a few useful tidbits for travel ideas, lifestyle and the national culture to give you an idea of how to plan your great Malaysian adventure!


chinanatureLearn about the best parts of Malaysia to visit and some handy travel tips!

Campus & City Life

6796reproRead about the lifestyle both on-campus and in Kuala Lumpur            

Malaysian Culture

drumsLearn about the many different festivals celebrated each year in Malaysia. 



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