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Studying in UNM has been a fulfilling journey. As one of the most diversified universities in Malaysia, it provided me with a unique platform to explore various cultures from a different part of the world. I made friends from all over the world some of whom are likely to be lifelong friends.

Nottingham has fostered a strong relationship with various professional accounting bodies such as ICAEW and CPA Australia which gave me the advantage of getting exemptions for several papers. This is one of the major reasons I chose to join the university.

UNM offers several extra-curricular activities such as the Nottingham Advantage Award that have given me a more holistic university experience by improving my personal skills while also getting an award which is really amazing!

Vikki Gitata from Kenya, studying BSc (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management



When people asked me where I was going to study and I replied University of Nottingham (UoN) Malaysia, their reactions were "Really, Malaysia?" or "Why not something like Canada, UK or USA?".

Although the tuition fees did come into consideration regarding my choice of university, I was substantially mesmerized by the beauty and tranquillity of the campus during a visit prior to the start of my studies. The natural environment with its trees, lake and ducks gave me the feeling that this would be a study-friendly setting. And I was not disappointed.

What I enjoyed the most is the fact that there is always something happening on campus; simply put, we do not have time to get bored. Activities ranging from sports and culture to baking and performing arts make our university experience a unique one.

Besides all this, education is placed at the forefront, with dedicated lecturers coming from all over the world and encouraging us to embrace the international nature of the community we live in.

To those who were questioning the relevance of my university choice, I am happy to have proven them wrong today.

Bénédicte Anthony from Mauritius, studying BA (Hons) International Relations with Spanish


Bénédicte Anthony-Mauritius


International Entry Requirements


Foundation entry requirements

Students from Africa are usually required to complete a Foundation programme, prior to entering a degree programme. 

Download the Foundation international entry requirements here.


Undergraduate entry requirements

Students who have completed an international pre-university qualification such as A levels, IB, SATs (both SATr and relevant SAT subject tests) Australian/Canadian matriculation are eligible for first year entry into a degree programme, and can find the relevant entry requirements by searching for their course.

Students with other qualifications or transferring students may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.         


Postgraduate entry requirements

Students holding degrees from universities in Africa may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Applying for MPhil/MRes/PhD programmes are slightly different. Students have two routes to gaining admission:

a) Students can pre-apply, by submitting their research proposal and academic transcript to the supervisor of their choosing (find a supervisor by looking through the 'People' tab under the relevant school or department and putting in an application after the supervisor has approved their research.

b) Students who have no preference of their supervisor can put in an application online immediately.      


Contact person

The International Officer for Africa is Teoh Tze Imm.

Use our online enquiry form for making an enquiry about studying at the University.

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