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The beautiful green campus of University of Nottingham Malaysia is like a second home to me. I have joined this University in September 2014 as an 18-year-old aspiring Mechanical Engineer and here I am today in my third year of PhD in the same place.

UNM has the best blend of education and social life that allows you to grow as a researcher and at the same time develops strong character. Our campus has excellent research facilities with well-equipped labs and technical support for research students to work on world class research projects. My research involves quantifying energy security for Malaysia in order to ensure that Malaysia always has sufficient, affordable and cleaner energy in their community. I want my research to contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable Malaysia as a whole.

Sports has also been a major part of my life since school days, having represented the school team in Football and Cricket. I have done exactly the same here at UNM since my first year. I have been the vice president for football club in my second year, president of the cricket club in my third year and currently leading the cricket team as the captain.

I also have had a wonderful experience in the Tri-Campus Games held annually in the three campuses, where I got to meet and make friends from UK and China. This is what makes our university very special and different from the rest. I urge everyone to make the best of memories here and to make this experience count because the time spent in UNM is very valuable. 


Saleh Shadman from Bangladesh, studying PhD Mechanical Engineering

 Saleh Shadman-Bangladesh





My experience in UNM has been amazing and I have no regret in choosing UNM. I always wanted to study in a British university in the Russell Group. It was a dream comes true for me to do so in UNM as it is closer to home, culturally similar and at half the cost of studying in UK.

The School of Economics is highly ranked worldwide and the degree will prepare me for graduate study in UK. There is a strong student-lecturer interaction in the School of Economics - the lecturers are personally known to all students in the class, they are always willing to gives us feedbacks, answer questions and they constantly encourage us to fulfil our potential. Everyone knows each other in the class and we are very close, which is something all of us love, as this is the most important part of university!

The process of settling down as an international student was very smooth for me. I took the opportunity to explore many extra-curricular activities, from academic clubs to the dance club and even taking part in the annual dance production. These activities helped me develop soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and public speaking. Most importantly, it helped me meet new friends outside the classroom and make my university life much more fulfilling; I have many memorable moments here!


Dulashini Sooriyarachchi from Sri Lanka, studying BSc (Hons) Economics

 Dulashini Sooriyarachchi



International entry requirements

Foundation entry requirements

Students from South Asia are usually required to complete a Foundation programme, prior to entering a degree programme. 

Download the Foundation international entry requirements list here.  


Undergraduate entry requirements

Students who have completed an international pre-university qualification such as A levels, IB, SATs (both SATr and relevant SAT subject tests) Australian/Canadian matriculation are eligible for first year entry into a degree programme, and can find the relevant entry requirements by searching for their course.

Students with other qualifications or transferring students may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Download the Undergraduate international entry requirements list here.


Postgraduate entry requirements

Students holding degrees from universities in South Asia may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Applying for MPhil/MRes/PhD programmes are slightly different. Students have two routes to gaining admission:

a) Students can pre-apply, by submitting their research proposal and academic transcript to the supervisor of their choosing (find a supervisor by looking through the 'People' tab under the relevant school or department and putting in an application after the supervisor has approved their research.

b) Students who have no preference of their supervisor can put in an application online immediately.      


Contact person

The International Officer for South Asia is Leng Sze Liew.






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