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The Universitas 21/partner university exchange is a competitive programme that offers the undergraduate students the opportunity to study at a partner university for one semester or one academic year as part of their Nottingham degree.

To be eligible to apply to the programme, students:

  • must have completed at least one year of their degree study (Undergraduate - UG) at the UNM.
  • have to obtain a passing mark of minimum 60% in order to progress onto the exchange scheme. No students taking resits are permitted to progress onto the exchange scheme.
  • studying for an undergraduate degree programme which is also offered at the host university.

Exchange Quota: There are limited quotas for Engineering, Business School & selected schools in Faculty of Science. Quota will be determined by the host campus and subject to change on yearly basis.

For information on which partner universities are available for your school, please refer to study abroad opportunities by school.

For more information about our partner universities, see the Partner University factsheets/websites as follows:

Academic Information

The credit gained whilst studying abroad will count towards your Nottingham degree. Each school participating in the U21/University-Wide Programme has a coordinator responsible for approving your academic study whilst abroad and for providing advice and support on all academic matters. To find your coordinator, please refer to the study abroad opportunities by school.

More information



For general, non-academic enquiries, please send an email to International Student Support.

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