University of Nottingham Malaysia
School of
Media, Languages and Cultures

Getting ready for exam


Preparation books available at the Library and SMLC International Language Studio. 

Tout Public (17 years old and above). 


How to get your diploma  


Diplomas arrive from France Education International about 2 months after the end of the exams.

You can collect yours at the FASS counter (EA30).

You will have to provide the month & year of the exam (example: November 2011, March 2012, June 2013, May 2014), show a proof of identification and sign a paper. A relative can collect the diploma for you, with a copy of your IC/passport.

Be reminded that once given away, we will not be responsible for the loss of your diploma. Do not forget to make a copy and scan it for your records. 

School of Media, Languages and Cultures

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