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The School of Media, Languages and Cultures (SMLC) is a dynamic community of international researchers and teachers fluent in the global scope and discourses of our degree programmes. We offer a wide range of exciting undergraduate, postgraduate and research opportunities in the fields of international media, communications, and culture, taught by our experienced and highly-qualified staff, who bring their diverse academic and industry experience to both the School and our Centre for Study of Communications and Culture.

Our school offers dynamic programmes that explore languages, media and culture. Whether you intend to pursue careers such as journalism, film and television, communication studies, cultural studies or languages, our programmes will help you achieve your aspirations. 

UNM’s faculty comprises industry professionals and experts who are dedicated to providing an enriching, well-rounded education for our students. The wealth of knowledge they bring to the classroom ensures that students will receive the best instruction, combining theoretical understanding with practical skills. 

Students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources. Our modern media labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling the development of creativity and technical skills to succeed in the real world. Similarly, our language learning facilities are designed for effective language acquisition, providing students with tools to help them communicate effectively and fluently. Upon graduation, our students are well-equipped to enter the workforce or pursue advanced studies.

We actively encourage applications from students of all backgrounds and experiences, and have a wide range of internship and extracurricular opportunities available through our academic and industry connections. Our students also have the opportunity to travel to our sister schools in the UK and China on Nottingham Mobility Exchanges, and to explore our exchange opportunities with the global Universitas 21 network.

For an 'inside look' at the kind of issues we are interested in, or to interact with our staff and existing students, and to stay informed about our activities and events, please join the SMLC community on Facebook and Twitter.

Explore our programmes if you’re looking for media, language and culture courses in Malaysia. Start shaping your future today.


What programmes does the School of Media, Languages, and Cultures offer?

Are there any language requirements for the programme? 

Language requirements vary depending on the particular course you’re enrolled in. Some programmes require proficiency in specific languages, while others may offer language courses as part of the curriculum. For more details, refer to the specific programme requirements. 

Are there study abroad programmes available? 

Yes, students who are part of our media, language and culture courses can participate in UNM’s study abroad programme, with the opportunity to study in the UK and China campuses. 

What resources and facilities are available for students at UNM’s School of Media, Languages and Cultures? 

Students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as modern media labs that are equipped with the latest technology, language learning facilities, multimedia libraries and dedicated spaces for group work and collaboration. 

Are there any scholarships available for students who enrol in Media, Language and Culture courses at UNM?

Yes, the university offers scholarships and financial aid for eligible students, in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

Does the School of Media, Languages and Cultures offer career support services? 

Yes, students will have access to career counselling, internship and job placement assistance, networking opportunities and alumni connections. UNM is always committed to helping our students succeed in their professional endeavours.

Can I get involved in student organisations and clubs related to this field of study? 

Without a doubt, yes. UNM encourages students to get involved in co-curricular activities and provides opportunities to join student organisations, clubs, and events related to media, languages and cultures. 

What are some career prospects after graduating from the School of Media, Languages, and Cultures? 

Graduates have a wide range of career prospects locally and internationally. Depending on the programme, you can pursue careers in journalism, broadcasting, filmmaking, public relations, advertising, translation and interpretation, cultural consulting, international relations and more. 


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