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According to the British Psychological Society, the 'Core Purpose of a Clinical Psychologist' is to: "reduce psychological distress and enhance psychological well-being through the systematic application of knowledge derived from psychological theory and data."

In other words, if we are trying to help someone, we should use methods which have been proven to be effective. However, this is problematic here in Malaysia, because very little research has been carried out. Consequently, Clinical Psychologists in Malaysia often use interventions that have been developed in countries, such as the UK or US, but how can we be sure they are appropriate or effective in Malaysia?

Our research aims to examine and develop interventions that improve people's well-being in ways that are sustainable, appropriate for the cultural context in Malaysia and practical given the limited resources available. We are particularly interested in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and exploring related issues, such as stigma and discrimination.


Current Projects

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

How would Malaysians respond if someone they knew exhibited the symptoms of PTSD? From whom would they seek help and how do they expect others to react? This series of qualitative studies with each of the main ethnic groups in Malaysia aims to gain a better understanding of these issues.

Cognitive and functional profiles of older adults in Malaysia

This project is conducted by Dr Yvonne Leung and aims to identify factors for healthy brain ageing in the older population in Malaysia. It examines the demographic, physical, cognitive and functional profiles of individuals aged 60 or above in Malaysia and determines the prevalence of and risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia in this cohort.




  • Suzana Shahar
  • Perminder Sachdev, Henry Brodaty, Nicole Kochan, John Crawford, Darren Lipnicki, Karen Mather, and Steve Makkar at CHeBA, UNSW




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