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Dr Alex Lechner is a landscape ecologist and Associate Professor at the School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. His interests lie in the application of integrated socio-ecological approaches along with spatially explicit modelling to conservation planning and natural resource management. His current research in Malaysia focuses on the social and environmental dimensions of urban planning in Asian cities, in particular Kuala Lumpur, and tropical forest conservation in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Originally, from Australia, he has held a variety of positions at the University of Queensland, the University of Tasmania, and RMIT University and conducted research in a wide range of areas from mine land rehabilitation to planning wildlife corridors. Alex has completed a BSc majoring in Ecology at the University of Queensland, and a MAppSci specialising in Geospatial Science and a PhD in Landscape Ecology at RMIT University.

Expertise Summary

Alex's research interests include the following:

  • Integrating social and ecological spatial data for regional planning
  • Characterising the effects of fragmentation on connectivity
  • Spatial planning for conservation
  • Remote sensing for ecology and mining impacts
  • Mined land socio-environmental impacts
  • Spatial uncertainty in ecological modelling

He runs the Landscape Ecology and Conservation lab at University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Also see ResearchGate and Google Scholar for further information about his research.

Teaching Summary

I currently convene, and teach all or much of, the following modules: Landscape Ecology and Spatial Conservation Planning, Advances in Earth Observation, and Patterns of Life.

I also contribute to a range of other modules including: The Ecology of Natural and Managed Ecosystems, Tropical Environmental Science Field Course and Earth Observation.

My personal teaching philosophy has three core components: 1) to create a community of learners; 2) foster intellectual development and creative thinking; and 3) use technology to encourage student engagement. As my research is dependent on PCs and computer modelling and I am interested in applying technology (such as E-learning) in new and novel ways to foster student engagement.

Research Summary

Alex Lechner leads the Landscape Ecology and Conservation lab is based at the School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. We conduct applied… read more

Selected Publications

Support further studies

I am happy to support candidates who can obtain independent funding (i.e. self-supported) for further post-graduate studies such as a PhD or Masters. Please take a look at the research we do to see if any of the themes are of interest and information about tuition here.


I welcome motivated individuals, passionate about the environment, including students, at all levels and from any background to undertake an internship at our lab. You will work with our team tackling meaningful projects with a view to help shape your career aspirations.

Paid further studies or employment

We occasionally have job vacancies or post-graduate scholarship. Please check out for any current vacancies.

Current Research

Alex Lechner leads the Landscape Ecology and Conservation lab is based at the School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. We conduct applied landscape ecology research for conservation planning and environmental management. The aim of our research is to support on the ground environmental actions using evidence based decision making tools and by developing spatially explicit socio-ecological data. We work with non-government environment organisations, local and regional government and private industry. The research we conduct is primarily based on spatial analysis including remote sensing, spatially explicit ecological modelling, participatory GIS and we also conduct social research.

Research in Malaysia

Conservation planning in Peninsula Malaysia

  • Connectivity modelling assessment of the Central Forest Spine​
  • Remote sensing land cover assessment with Google Earth Engine
  • Ecoregional assessment of freshwater and terrestrial systems
  • Conservation and tourism planning on Tioman Island

Urban sustainability​ (predominately in Kuala Lumpur)

  • Urban ecosystem services modelling ​using InVest
  • Public Participatory GIS assessment of urban Landscape Values and development preferences
  • Socio-ecological assessment of urban green spaces
  • Research globally

Research Globally

  • Biodiversity and China's Belt and Road project
  • A geographic information systems (GIS) assessment of environment impact of mining on communities (PNG, Laos)
  • Regional land change modelling of commercial forestry and agroforestry in PNG
  • Urban connectivity modelling for conservation planning (across Australia)
  • Urban sustainability in developing countries in South East and East Asia.

Further information can be found on the Landscape Ecology and Conservation lab website

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