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Chiew Foan Chin

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  • workRoom B1A14 Block B1
    Malaysia Campus
    Jalan Broga
    43500 Semenyih
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
  • work+6 (03) 8924 8216
  • fax+6 (03) 8924 8018

Expertise Summary

  • Plant molecular genetics - the isolation and use of DNA markers to screen for important traits in commercial crops
  • plant tissue culture - bulking up of elite plant materials and for production of valuable products in plants
  • marker-assisted selection - improvement of commercial crop species through the use of DNA technology
  • plant genome studies - Manipulation of the plant genomes for production of useful secondary metabolites

Teaching Summary

I am the coordinator for the following teaching modules: Current Issues in Biotechnology, Basic Introduction to Omic Technologies, Molecular Biology and the Dynamic Cell

My research interests are on plant genomic and proteomic studies, molecular genetics and plant growth and development

Research Summary

I am a plant biologist. So anything that are related with plants will interest me. Currently, my research involves identification of DNA markers linked with important traits of commercial crops such… read more

Selected Publications

Current Research

I am a plant biologist. So anything that are related with plants will interest me. Currently, my research involves identification of DNA markers linked with important traits of commercial crops such as oil palm and vanilla orchids. Since DNA molecules do not change very much during the life cylce of an organism, it can be used as a tool to screen for desirable traits when the organisms are at an early stage of development. This technology is particularly useful for long generation crops. My research team is working on Ganoderma resistant gene marker funded by FELDA research grant worth RM230 600 and somatic embryogenic related gene markers funded by eScience (RM110 000, project number: ABI(P)-1). I am also interested in using advance molecular techniques such as proteomic analysis to investigate the somatic embryogenesis process in plant cell development. This project is funded by MOA (RM122 000, project number:05-02-12-SF1006)

Future Research

My future research plan include collaborating with the Arabidopsis group at Nottingham University UK in order to adopt the extensive research which has been carried out in Arabidopsis (the model plant) to the commercial crops that I am working with

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