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Chung Lim completed his first degree in Chemical and Process Engineering; MSc and PhD in the field of fluidised bed technology and advanced drying technology. He obtained the Post Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (PGCHE) in 2010, a professional recognition in higher education and now a fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK.

Within the faculty, Chung Lim held a number of responsibilities over the past years.

2011 - 2013: Deputy Head of Department (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

2013 - 2016: Associate Dean (External Affairs), Faculty of Engineering

2016 - 2019: Head of Department (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

2019 - 2020: Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

2020 - 2021: Head of Department (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

2021 - present Interim Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Externally, Chung Lim serves in a number of roles in professional body. Currently, he serves as

Chair, IChemE Malaysia Board

Leader, Chemical Paper Examination Committee, Board of Engineers Malaysia

Associate Director (Chemical Engineering), Engineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia

Expertise Summary

Chung Lim LAW, PhD., C.Eng., C.Sci., P.Eng., FIChemE, FHEA, MIEM

Chung Lim is a chartered engineer and chartered scientist registered with the Engineering Council UK and Science Council UK respectively. He is also a professional engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia. He is a fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE, a professional engineering institution in UK) and a corporate member of Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

He was a senior panel member of the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), assisting the Council to accredit the chemical engineering programmes in Malaysia. Now he serves as the Associate Director for Engineering Accreditation Department overseeing and moderating accreditation panel report of chemical engineering programmes offered in Malaysia. Over the past years, he has conducted and facilitated a number of workshops and training courses to academics who wish to learn more about Outcome Based Education, Complex Problem Solving, Engineering Programme accreditation.

In addition, he also serves as the Leader of Chemical Paper Examination Committee, a committee under the Professional Competency Examination Committee of Board of Engineers Malaysia. The committee is responsible for setting professional examination for professional engineers who wish to obtain Practising Certificate in order to practice engineering and endorse engineering works.

He also serves as the Chair for IChemE Malaysia Board. The board is responsible for the member activities in Malaysia. Chung Lim is instrumental in promoting UK chartered engineer membership to the Malaysian member. He has conducted numerous Get-Chartered workshop and assisted many chartered engineering applicants.

Chung Lim started his research work since 1998, and thus far has completed 13 research projects which research outlay amounted to RM2.5M which includes 6 industrial research contracts. He focuses his research activities in solving industrial related problems therefore all his research projects are applied research. Thus far, he has worked on 1. processing of padi (rough rice) using fluidized bed technology, 2. preservation of local fruits such as ciku, chempedak salak etc. using advanced drying technology without addition of hazardous chemical preservatives, 3. improving cocoa flavor of Malaysian cocoa bean, 4. maximizing retention of bio-active ingredients such as crude ganoderic acids and polysaccharides in processed ganoderma lucidium, 6-gingerol in thermal processed ginger and generation of 6-shagoal in ginger, anthocyanins, polyphenols and flavoids in dehydrated Roselle, limonene myrcene and pinene in pomelo peel, sinensetin and rosmatic acids in Misai Kuching, orientin and vitexin in Belalai Gajah (Sabah snake grass), protocathecuic acids and catechin in Roselle, sialic acids in edible birdnests, cis-citral and trans-citral in Lemon Myrtle, 5. preserving colour attributes of processed products such as local fruits (ciku, chempedak salak), edible birdnest.

He is currently working on the membrane based heat pump system in generating hot water for domestic use as welling as generating dehumidified air for drying purpose. Apart from projects related to product quality which are mentioned above, he also works on food safety. He has worked on the application of chlorine dioxide on preserving fresh strawberry.

Teaching Summary

Chung Lim completed his first degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and MSc followed by PhD in the field of fluidised bed technology. He started his teaching since 2004. His teaching expertise… read more

Research Summary

Chung Lim started his research since 1998. He has worked on a number of research projects including fluidised bed processing of large particles, fluidised bed drying, low temperature drying, heat… read more

Selected Publications

Chung Lim completed his first degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and MSc followed by PhD in the field of fluidised bed technology. He started his teaching since 2004. His teaching expertise includes Chemical Process Safety, Process Dynamics and Simulation, Process Control, Engineering thermodynamics, Particle Technology, Reactor Design, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Contract, Engineering Ethics and Engineering Laws such as Environmental Quality Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act.

His teaching stresses on the importance of inherent safe design during design stage, also look into the aspects of energy efficiency, control of hazard, environmental impact; and selection of appropriate unit operation in processing and handling particulate materials.

He is currently teaching Mathematical Methods for Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Industrial Dehydration and Professional Engineer in Society.

Chung Lim is also interested in Outcome Based Education. He is currently leading the faculty and the engineering departments in implementing effective OBE (Outcome Based Education) where complex problem solving is embedded in the programme delivery and assessment. Attainment of graduate attributes is measured from direct and explicit measurement in a holistic manner. The faculty is currently working on a management system in measuring students and graduates' outcome attainment.

Current Research

Chung Lim started his research since 1998. He has worked on a number of research projects including fluidised bed processing of large particles, fluidised bed drying, low temperature drying, heat pump assisted drying, two-stage drying, intermittent drying, drying of fruits (zapota, chempedak, salak, roselle, pomelo, banana), mushrooms, coca beans, edible swiftlet bird's nest, rice noodles, herbs (misai kuching, belalai gajah, roselle), crumb rubber and etc. His research focuses on enhancing product quality, maximising retention of bio-active ingredients, improving textural attributes, enhancing product appearance properties and minimising contamination, eliminating microbial activity, enhancing energy efficiency of unit operation as well as ensuring food safety.

Chung Lim has designed a number of unit operation for processing of foods, including fluidised bed dryers, heat pump assisted dryers, low temperature dryer, belt dryer, vacuum fryer and scrubber. Some of the techniques are tested and applied in the industry.

His research interests include product dehydration and preservation, advanced drying technology, fluidised bed technology, food quality and safety, dimensionless analysis and scaleup, diffusion and application of drones in agriculture and chemical industry. Currently, Chung Lim is focusing on the study of maximising quality of edible swiftlet bird's nest, developing new drying technology for rubber processing, 3D food printing and application of drones in spraying herbicides. The projects are supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Agriculture and local companies.

Past Research

Two Stage Heat Pump Drying of Malaysian Fruits. Funded by MOSTI e-Science.

Development of an optimal dehydration technique in minimizing the degradation of antioxidant polyphenols in cocoa during postharvesting process. Funded by MOSTI e-Science.

Processing Technique to Minimise Colour Change of Edible Swiftlet Bird's Nest. Funded by MOE.

Fluidised bed coating of Highrise electrical conductor bar. Funded by industry.

Maximising retention of bio-active ingredients in Misai Kuching, Belalai Gajah and Roselle.

Drying of crumb rubber. Funded by industry.

Design of land fish farm. Funded by industry.

Future Research

Processing of edible birdnest and maximising retention of its bioactive ingredients

3D food printing

Application of drones in spraying herbicides

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