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Inclusion in the Workplace Webinar Series #2

14th July 2020
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Creating opportunities for inclusive employment  

As part of our global Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, the University of Nottingham is promoting inclusive employment for individuals with mental health difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. On the Malaysia campus, this initiative to create opportunities for inclusive employment is championed by the Inclusion in the Workplace Research Group. Recently, we have been awarded funding by the Sphere Programme Board, University of Nottingham UK to promote our cause.

The Inclusion in the Workplace Research Group will be organising and hosting the Inclusion in the Workplace Webinar Series #2 on 14 July 2020. The topics covered in the webinar series address current issues pertaining to mental health, workplace supports and social security. The webinar series serves as a platform for networking and sharing best practices for developing companies’ Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. The webinar series is open to working professionals from corporate companies who would like to attend the sessions for professional development. Please register by filling in the e-registration form to confirm your place.

The Inclusion in the Workplace Webinar Series #2 begins with a Keynote Presentation by YBhg Dato’ Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed, Chief Executive of SOCSO. We are also honored to have YBhg Dr Nor Hayati ALI, Consultant Psychiatrist, MENTARI Malaysia, who will be giving an awareness talk on ‘Moving with Mentari: Motives, methods & milestones’. Series #2 continues with a research paper ‘Transition to Employment’ presented by esteemed Professor Dr Loh Sau Cheong, University of Malaya and ends with a talk for diversity and inclusion and human resource professionals on ‘Developing Strategic Plans to embrace Inclusion’ by Dr Michael David Hall. 

About the speakers: 
YBhg Dato’ Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed is currently Chief Executive for the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) of Malaysia. A Medical Doctor by profession, YBhg Dato’ Dr Mohammed Azman has had an illustrious career especially in the field of social insurance. He was instrumental in several innovations and changes to enhance SOCSO’s involvement in occupational medicine and disability assessments. These include introducing Occupational Health Training for general physicians, Disability Assessment , the first Occupational Disease Guideline in Malaysia and the establishment of prevention strategies and activities for safety and health among SOCSO insured persons and the developmentof the SOCSO Return to Work Programme, notably through the establishment of SOCSO’s Rehabilitation Centre in Malacca. He is also active in both the local and international arena, especially in the field of social insurance, occupational safety and health and rehabilitation. YBhg Dato’ Dr Mohammed Azman has also presented over 200 papers both locally and abroad.

YBhg Dr Nor Hayati Ali is the Senior psychiatrist with Ministry of Health Malaysia, main work experience in hospital-based psychiatry. Sub-specialisation in Community and Rehab Psychiatry and is the National Coordinator for the MENTARI project: she is in-charge of MENTARI Selayang, the headquarters. Her interest is on Supported Employment and Social Enterprise for people with mental disabilities (PwMD). She is involved in national projects which include the formation of the National Suicide Registry of Malaysia and the Registration of PwMD under the Welfare Department. YBhg Dr Nor Hayati Ali is also involved in strategic planning, clinical research, medical education and clinical data management.   

Professor Dr. Loh Sau Cheong received her Bachelor degree in Special Education (learning disabilities); and both Masters and Ph.D in Educational Psychology. Currently, she is a Full Professor and Head of Department for the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. Dr. Loh’s research interests include teacher self-efficacy, student self-concept, attribution retraining, attention development, motivation in learning, individualised education plan, assistive technology, and transitional plan for individuals with special needs. She had engaged in 25 researches and had filed 3 patents, 14 copyrights, and 1 trademark. Much of Dr. Loh's researches draw on, and is inspired by, the principle of Education For All and quality inclusive education for individuals with special needs from pre-school education to post-secondary education. 

Dr Michael Hall is a British national educated at Manchester University and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. Michael has a wealth of Industrial experience in Leisure and Recreation Management and has been teaching in Further and Higher Education for twenty five years. Higher education has entered a time of transformation that opens new possibilities for more collaborative, dynamic, and engaging scholarship. Dr Michael developed a range of academic and vocational programmes designed to help local and national business to develop their staff and overall business operations. Graduates of the MBA/BA and FDA programmes occupy many strategic and senior positions. He has worked alongside with many employers and stakeholder to help the organisations to realised their employees’ full potential. Dr Michael is the principal author of the University of Seychelles strategic plan, human resource policies and practice charter and chaired the planning and resources committee. 

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