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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social sciences

UNM’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is an innovative groundbreaking faculty, providing dynamic interdisciplinary programmes by distinguished academics to prepare graduates to navigate their careers on the international stage.  

Encompassing 6 schools, 2 departments and 1 foundation centre, the faculty offers courses that are developed and designed to challenge our students to be lifelong learners on issues affecting the global community. Our programmes are a gateway of fresh perspectives so you can experience the world through an enriched cultured lens.  

Leveraging our diverse student body, including direct links to our campuses in the UK and China, we provide an edge to individuals interested in fields of international affairs such as International Relations. Through our state-of-the-art facilities, aspiring filmmakers can see their mode of self-expression on the big screen, utilising the latest technology available.  

Gain a vital boost to your knowledge as our postgraduate programmes can serve as your career launch pad on a global scale. Students will discover boundless opportunities, thanks to our academic partnerships with top-tier organisations such as media giant CNN. Our triple-accredited Nottingham University Business School, with 20 years of experience and insight, can also ensure your MBA journey begins on a solid footing.  

From critical research analyses to strategic industry placements, we encourage our students to direct their own learning and create their own vision of success. Unlock your life’s calling with UNM as we nurture your passion of arts and social science into essential skills where your dreams will be your future reality.  

What is art and social sciences? 

Art and Social Sciences encompass various disciplines that examine human behaviour, society, culture, and creativity. 

Art in this context refers to forms of creative expression - for example, visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, and more. Those who are enrolled in the arts will learn how to study, create and interpret artistic works that reflect individual and collective experiences, emotions, and perspectives.  

Art is a means of communication, cultural representation and expression, contributing to the understanding of the world’s diverse cultures and histories. 

Social Sciences refer to the disciplines that study human society and social relationships. It covers fields such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, history, linguistics, and more. Social sciences analyse human behaviour, societal structures, interactions, institutions, and cultural phenomena. They study how societies function, evolve, and influence individuals and communities. 

Art and Social Sciences students will develop critical thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of human experiences, societies, and cultures. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore complex issues and diverse perspectives and contribute to addressing contemporary challenges through research, analysis, and creative expression - learn about the art and social science courses available at UNM today. 


The Great Debate Series 
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What programmes are offered within UNM’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences? 

How to apply for admission into the arts and social science courses offered at UNM? 

Students who are interested in applying for admission to the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences through our application page. For more information, head to our ‘How to Apply’ guide. 

What are the career prospects after graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences? 

Graduates from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences programmes possess versatile and transferable skills that are applicable in diverse fields, such as research, education, social work, public administration, journalism, human resources, counselling, marketing and international relations, among others.

Of course, the specific arts and social science course you take will also open doors to specific careers. For example, students who take Education (TESOL) BEd (Hons) will be suited for roles such as teaching and educational work, while those who take Economic BSc (Hons) are sought after by reputable banks and numerous multinational companies.

Are there opportunities for internships or practical experience within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences programmes? 

Yes, students will have the opportunity to participate in internships, fieldwork, and research projects. We encourage hands-on experience and exposure to real-world applications of their chosen field of study. 

Can I pursue postgraduate studies after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Social Sciences? 

Yes, UNM’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers various postgraudate programmes, including Master’s degree and Doctoral programmes. These programmes offer students the opportunity for advanced and specialised studies. 

Are there any scholarships or financial aid available specifically for students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences?

Yes, students who are enrolled in our arts and social science courses can apply for scholarships and financial aid

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