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School of Education's inaugural Overseas Educational Programme


A group of ten members from the School of Education, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, visited two schools in Thailand from 25 January until 31 January 2015. They visited Pratumnuk Suankularb School, a primary school which catered to both regular and special needs students in Bangkok, and Mechai Pattana School, an alternative boarding school which provides education to disadvantaged students in Buriram. The students put up a play and conducted a half day English language activities with students in the two schools during their visit.

“This inaugural Overseas Educational Programme is an extension of the School’s Professional Development Programme Series which aims to provide hands-on and real life experiences to students to prepare them for their present and future profession in the educational industry,” said the Director of the Undergraduate Programmes, Dr Wei Keong Too. “Students in the School of Education in UNMC have visited different types of school in Malaysia for many years, and this trip to Thailand gives them opportunities to explore and experience educational system in different cultures and countries.”


Dr. Maria Kaparou found this trip beneficial, since “we had observed practices which can be considered as ‘outside the box practices within this context’, for example, student leadership initiatives and students’ ownership of their learning.” One of the participants, Son Cin Ee felt that the trip was inspirational and informative because she learnt that education is not about examinations but meaningful and relevance to one's life and cultural identity. Another participant, Intan Nur Elena indicated that she would definitely join the next trip and recommend it to anyone especially future educators because it was fun and enriching experience. 

Posted on 10th March 2015

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