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Patricia Mei Mei Ang

Assistant Professor, Divisional Director of Leadership, Management and Marketing Division, Faculty of Social Sciences


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Expertise Summary

Dr Patricia Ang is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, and the Nottingham University Business School (NUBS). She received her doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology (Human Development) from the Pennsylvania State University in USA specializing in adolescent positive development and Prevention Sciences. Previously, Dr Patricia was on a Prevention Research Fellowship at the Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Positive Development. Dr Patricia's professional expertise includes: * Youth Psychological health & Evidence-based Interventions * Counselling & Mental Health Promotion * Cross-cultural Measurement of Psychological Constructs

* Work psychology & Sustainability in organizations

Teaching Summary

Dr Patricia currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. These are modules on organizational research methods, qualitative research,… read more

Research Summary

Current Research

With a background in Developmental and Counselling Psychology, Dr Patricia is an educator, youth practitioner and active researcher.

Dr Patricia's research interests include mental health promotion and evidence-based programmes. Recently she was involved in a nationwide study commissioned by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to investigate infant abandonment, youth pregnancy and pre-marital sex in Malaysia. She is a recipient of grant funding from the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) in collaboration with colleagues from the School of Psychology at Nottingham University.

Together with two other economists at the Business School, she is looking into the antecedents of consumer debt arising from credit cards and personal loans.

She is also currently investigating the link between optimism and future employment prospects among college students.

Through another corporate grant from the Asian Institute of Charted Bankers (formally known as the Institute of Bankers Malaysia), Dr Patricia conducts research on sustainability in the banking industry. Of particular interest is the supply and demand for green banking initiatives from the perspective of bankers, corporations, and heads of households. Her collaborators include Dr Rebecca Kim and Dr Pek Chuen-Khee.

Selected Publications

Dr Patricia currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. These are modules on organizational research methods, qualitative research, human resource management, and psychology:


  • N11612: Work and Society
  • N13426: Human Resource Management 2
  • N13425: Human Resource Management 1
  • N13319: Career Management & Development (Not currently offered)


  • N14136: Qualitative Research Methods - for MSc Management students and PhD candidates
  • N14133: Research Methods for Finance and Investment
  • N14B27: Qualitative Research Methods - for MSc International Business

Previously, she has taught Social Psychology and guest lectured on Youth Work & Services (PSY 312) in Malaysia. In the United States, she taught Basic Counselling Skills and assisted in the teaching of various life-span development courses including:

  • HDFS 411: Helping Relationships (Basic Counseling Skills)
  • HDFS 311: Human Development & Family Studies Intervention
  • HDFS 239: Adolescent Development
  • HDFS 229: Infant and Child Development
  • HDFS 315: Family Development

Past Research

Past Research

Dr Patricia's past research includes the Malaysian Child Adolescent Well-being (MCAW) study in 2003 . She was later a consultant with the Asian Research Center for Child & Adolescent Development (ARCCADE) on a UNICEF-funded Mentoring Malaysia project, an after school Positive Youth Development program for secondary schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. For more information see .

At the Pennsylvania State University, Dr Patricia's doctoral research looked at the measurement structure of an instrument based on the Positive Youth Development framework, utilizing structural equation modeling (SEM) to validate its factor structure within an urban Asian context.

At Penn State, she was involved in youth research on the NIDA-funded PROSPER partnerships in the United States, Communities that Care, and Parenting for Adolescent Wellness. She is a trained facilitator for the Strengthening Families Program (SFP 11-14).

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