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How do I reserve an item on loan?

Only ordinary loan books and audio-visual items already on loan can be requested. You can reserve it using NUsearch. For help, click on this guide.

How do I request for material not held at the University?

Please click on Interlibrary Loans.

How do I know when the item I requested is ready for collection?

You will be notified through email when your requested item is ready for collection at the Customer Services Counter. You can also check at NUsearch to find out if the book is ready for collection.

I've made a request and it's now available for collection. How long will the item be held for me?

The item will be put on hold for you for two days. If you fail to collect the item within two days, your hold will be cancelled, and the item will either be placed back on the shelves or be put on hold for the next requester, if any, in the queue.

Why can't I place a hold or request for an item?

There are several reasons why an item cannot be requested:

  • there is no Request link in NUsearch as the item is a reference book.
  • the item is available on the shelves (that is, not on loan) on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Your borrowing privileges might be blocked due to outstanding fines of RM20 or more.
  • Your library membership has expired.

How do I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel your reservation via NUsearch. Sign in to NUsearch, then click on the My request. A list of the books that you have reserved or requested will be displayed, click on the number of your hold request. Click on cancel to cancel your reservation.

How many books can I reserve at any given time?

You can reserve as many books as your loan entitlement. For example, if you are an undergraduate with a loan entitlement of fifteen items, you can reserve up to fifteen items at any given time.

How long do I have to wait before I get the item I requested?

  • If the item is on loan, the borrower has maximum of six days to return the item.
  • If the item is having high demand or have multiple request, the borrower has a maximum of two days to return the item.

Please note that some patrons might not return the item requested by others on time. Under these circumstances, the patron who requested the item will have to wait longer or find another option.







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