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Check the academic calendars for The University of Nottingham Malaysia campus including key dates for the following courses.

  • Foundation
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Summer School

Please note that this academic calendar relates to the general teaching and examination periods at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. However, the actual dates for some programmes may differ, which will be duly informed to students.




Academic years


Public holidays

Public holidays

Find out when the University is closed for public holidays

English language courses


Please visit the Centre for English Language Education (CELE)website for the schedules for:



Do the semester dates apply to all programmes of study?

The semester dates generally relate to the teaching and examination periods at the University. However, dates may differ for some programmes of study, especially for certain postgraduate and foundation programmes​​.

When is the International Student Welcome Day?

The International Student Welcome Day is on Friday 20 September 2024.

When are the graduation ceremonies?

The graduation ceremonies are scheduled as follows: 

  • Undergraduates: Saturday 20 July 2024 to Monday 22 July 2024

  • Postgraduates: Saturday 17 February 2024 

  • Undergraduates: Saturday 19 July 2025 to Monday 21 July 2025

  • Postgraduates: Saturday 22 February 2025

What is a reassessment period?

A reassessment period is a designated time frame set by an academic institution during which students who did not meet the required pass marks for a course or module are given a second chance to attempt. This could involve retaking an exam, resubmitting a paper or coursework, or completing a new assignment. 

How many semesters are there for the taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses?

The university has the following three semesters:

  • Autumn Semester: Monday 23 September 2024 - Saturday 18 January 2025

  • Spring Semester: Monday 03 February 2025 - Saturday 31 May 2025

  • Summer Semester: Monday 26 May 2025 – Saturday 06 September 2025


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