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Public Holidays in Malaysia 2024-25

We understand the significance of public holidays and their impact on students' academic schedules and daily lives. This page aims to provide you with essential information regarding Malaysia public holidays, including a list of significant holidays, their cultural or historical significance, and how they may affect university operations.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus will be closed for the following public holidays.


  • Sunday 1 January - New Year
  • Sunday 22 & Monday 23 February - Chinese New Year
  • Sunday 5 February - Thaipusam
  • Friday 7 April - Good Friday 
  • Saturday 08 April - Nuzul Al-Quran
  • Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April - Hari Raya Puasa
  • Monday 1 May - Labour Day
  • Thursday 4 May - Wesak Day
  • Monday 5 June - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong's Birthday  
  • Thursday 29 June - Hari Raya Haji 
  • Wednesday 19 July - Awal Muharram
  • Thursday 31 August - National Day  
  • Saturday 16 September - Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day)
  • Thursday 28 September - The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday 
  • Sunday 12 November - Deepavali 
  • Monday 11 December - Sultan of Selangor's Birthday
  • Monday 25 December - Christmas Day


  • Monday 1 January - New Year
  • Thursday 25 January - Thaipusam
  • Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 February - Chinese New Year
  • Thursday 28 March - Nuzul Al-Quran
  • Friday 29 March - Good Friday
  • Wednesday 10 & Thursday 11 April - Hari Raya Puasa
  • Wednesday 1 May - Labour Day
  • Wednesday 22 May - Wesak Day
  • Monday 3 June - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong's Birthday  
  • Monday 17 June - Hari Raya Haji 
  • Sunday 7 July - Awal Muharram
  • Saturday 31 August - National Day  
  • Monday 16 September - Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day)
  • Monday 16 September - The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday 
  • Thursday 31 October - Deepavali 
  • Wednesday 11 December - Sultan of Selangor's Birthday
  • Wednesday 25 December - Christmas Day

Subject to change


Public holidays may have implications for academic deadlines, examinations and other academic-related activities. 

 Thus, it is important to take note of any adjustments or extensions provided by the university to accommodate Malaysian public holidays. We encourage our students to plan their study schedules and manage coursework effectively by accounting for the changes in classes due to public holidays. 


Please note that when a holiday falls on a Sunday the university will be closed on the day after (Monday). When a public holiday falls on a Saturday, the university will be open as usual on the Monday.



Will classes be cancelled on public holidays? 

Yes, classes are usually cancelled on public holidays. UNM will inform students in advance if there are any adjustments to class schedules. 

Will public holidays affect assignment deadlines and exams? 

Public holidays may occasionally lead to adjustments in assignment deadlines or exam schedules. Changes or extensions related to academic deadlines and examinations will be communicated to students. 

How will public holidays impact access to campus facilities - will the library, laboratories and canteen be open? 

Some facilities and services may not be available during university holidays. Students will be notified regarding any closures or modified operating hours for campus facilities. 

Can I access online learning platforms and resources during public or university holidays? 

In most cases, online learning platforms and resources will remain accessible during the holidays. We hope to ensure that students still have access to digital resources even during public holidays and semester breaks. 

Will public holidays affect the availability of support services, for example, counselling or academic advising? 

These services are usually not available during public holidays. 

Can I remain in my on-campus accommodation during public holidays? 

Yes, students are free to stay in their on-campus accommodation during public holidays if they are not travelling or returning to their hometowns. 

Can I make travel plans during public holidays? 

Yes, you can travel during public holidays. In fact, there are usually long weekends when a public holiday coincides with the weekend. Many people in Malaysia travel and go for short breaks during these long weekends. 

Are there any special events or activities organised during public holidays? 

UNM may organise special events or activities during public holidays to celebrate festivals and engage students in the festivities. Information about these events will be communicated in advance. 


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