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Alumni Profile: Nottingham alumni financial consultants become celebrities

Dynamic Duo

“We should not be obsessed about money but be aware of money”- Amelia Hong, MBA, (2006) (right)

“Adequate planning and strategy will ensure our success in achieving the target – financial freedom”- Lim Lee Chin, MBA, (2006) (left)

Alumni Amelia Hong and Lim Lee Chin are certified financial planners who are making headlines in Kuala Lumpur by helping more people achieve financial freedom.

The dynamic duo graduated with MBAs from The University of Nottingham and started their careers just like any others. Amelia, a marketing economist, has worked in various fields within Citibank, Metrojaya, and other financial institutions before embarking on a meaningful career in the financial services industry in 2008. She started guiding people on how to make money work harder for them and is now a columnist in a local newspaper, The Star.

On the other hand, Lim Lee Chin’s successful financial planning career made her become more determined in helping other people achieve financial freedom. She firmly believes that as with anything in life, having proper planning and a strategy will ensure success in achieving a target.

As great minds think alike, Amelia and Lee Chin joined a financial institution called Success Concepts. They recently made their first screen appearance on a local channel’s financial programme called Ringgit and Sense, guiding married couples on financial management.

These ambitious women have plans to expand their knowledge and experiences in the financial industry further by helping more people unleash their dreams to achieve financial freedom.

As successful Nottingham alumni, these beautiful ladies returned to campus to volunteer as finance coaches to their fellow alumni through the masterclass on financial literacy in 2015.

Due to the overwhelming success of the event, the Alumni and Donor Relations Office is organizing another exciting Masterclass on Financial Literacy on 27 February 2016 at the Kuala Lumpur Teaching Center.

It is evident that Nottingham graduates shape their career in their best interest by identifying their talent in the chosen field and they stand out from other graduates throughout the world.

Book Image Financial Snacks 

The publication by the dynamic duo that will be given as a complimentary gift to those participating in the Masterclass on 27 February 2016

Posted on 20th January 2016

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