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Happenings: Alumni reunion in Malaysia and Singapore

Masterclass on Wine Appreciation for alumni in Kuala Lumpur

Alumni at Kuala Lumpur partied at an exclusive wine appreciation event organized to experience the art of wine tasting with a renown sommelier at Starhill Culinary – Wine Studio, on 24 October 2015. The 17 alumni from different field of expertise had a fun filled and star studded evening with the Universities one of the most successful alumnae, Prof. Christine Ennew, Provost and CEO of UNMC.  

wine tasting 2 

Cheers to the supportive Nottingham alumni 

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Alumni are eagerly waiting to be served the Old World wine.

Reunion of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Kuala Lumpur and Penang

The Electrical and Electronic (EE) Engineers from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus gathered for a spectacular alumni event in December 2015. The alumni in Kuala Lumpur met on 5 December while those living in Northern Peninsular Malaysia met in Penang on 9 December.

The events hosted by Professor Haider, Head of Electrical and Electronics department featured the transformation that the Department has undergone and provided a platform for the alumni to network.

The reunion of 81 alumni from 8 different years of graduation brought back many Nottingham memories under one roof.

Alumni and Donor Relations Office (ADRO) took part in the festivities to present their role, services and benefits to the alumni community. It was a great pleasure for ADRO to meet yet another large group of alumni community.

Due to the overwhelming support from the alumni community, Prof. Haider informed that he hopes to organize such reunion annually as an effort to keep alumni connected always.

 ee events

Business School alumni meet in Singapore

An informal alumni reunion was organized at Harry’s Clark Quay in Singapore on 10 December 2015 by alumnus Pascal Sam-soon who graduated with a BA in Finance, Accounting and Management from Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) Malaysia, in 2012.

Pascal organized the dinner party for 10 alumni to meet and network. The event was a huge success that they have planned to meet on a monthly basis to bring more Nottingham alumni faces together.

Alumnus Pascal Sam-soon said, “We are extremely thrilled about organizing reunions among Nottingham alumni regardless of campus and we hope to build long-lasting connections”.

They have planned to meet regularly in 2016.

Those interested to participate in the event, drop a note to

 sam soon sing

Alumnus Pascal Sam-soon (left) with his alma mater in Singapore
Posted on 20th January 2016

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