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Theme 3 Our research in HCI and ubiquitous computing, include development of mobile Apps, mixed reality, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT), and fog/edge computing. From HCI perspective, the team has expertise in novel interactive technologies - merging physical and digital interactions to explore new ways of living, playing and working. In addition, conducting interdisciplinary research, employing ethnography, user-centred design, iterative prototyping, and participatory design approach, and deploying and studying them 'in the wild'. Form IoT and Could Computing perspective, the team has expertise in resource management, task offloading, energy management, load balancing, and service scalability, associated with middleware technologies (such as fog/edge, femto-cloud, cloud broker, mobile device cloud) for various applications in smart cities, smart healthcare, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), Internet of Drones (IoD), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/Industry 4.0, 5G, and Tactile Internet. 


 Current Research Projects

  1. Enhancing Malaysian Education with Adaptive Learning System.  (PI:  Kher Hui (Marina) Ng, Industry Fund, RM 82,800)

Selected Publications

  1. YI, CHUNZHI, JIANG, FENG, YANG, CHIFU, ZHIYUAN CHEN, DING, ZHEN and LIU, JIE, 2021. Reference Frame Unification of IMU-Based Joint Angle Estimation: The Experimental Investigation and a Novel Method Sensors. 21(5), 1813.

  2. MIRZA RAYANA SANZANA, MOSTAFA OSAMA MOSTAFA ABDULRAZIC, JING YING WONG, KHER HUI NG and SHAMS EL GHAZY, 2021. Lecture-based, VR game-based and their combination, which is better for higher education? Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.

  3. HAI HUANG, KHER HUI NG, BENJAMIN BEDWELL and STEVE BENFORD, 2020. A card-based internet of things game ideation tool for museum context Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing.

  4. CHIA YI QUAH and KHER HUI NG, 2021. Systematic Literature Review on Digital Storytelling Authoring Tool in Education: January 2010 to January 2020 International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.
  5. HAI HUANG and KHER HUI NG, 2020. Designing for cultural learning and reflection using IoT serious game approach Personal Ubiquitous Computing.

Research Group Leader

Academic Staff Members  

Virtual Labs

  • Mixed Reality Lab 
  • AI Innovation Lab

Current Postgraduate Students 

  1. Mostafa Osama Mostafa Abdulrazic
  2. Quah Chia Yi
  3. Shekinah Dalayya


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