University of Nottingham Malaysia

Call for papers

Six themes and some potential topics which are not limited. Please select a theme when submitting your abstract

Control and remediation

  • Improvement of air quality in developing countries
  • Control and removal of pollutants

Monitoring, detection and spatial environment

  • Remote sensing of air pollutants
  • Sandstorms and associated dust fall
  • Urban air quality and environment
  • Long-range and cross-boundary transport in this region

Atmospheric chemistry

  • Acid air pollution
  • Aerosols
  • Photochemical air pollution
  • Hazardous materials in the atmosphere (PAH, heavy meta etc.)
  • Chemistry in the troposphere

Modelling and technologies

  • Emission inventories
  • Measurement and modelling of ozone, PM2.5, greenhouse gases and other air pollutants
  • Adaptation technology to global and local climate change

Climatology, impacts and policies

  • Interaction between air pollution and climate change and its co-benefit countermeasures
  • Pollution control and political issues
  • Meteorology related to air pollution
  • Assessment for atmospheric environmental impact
  • Emergency release (including radio nuclides)

7-SEAS Workshop

  • Abstract submission for 7SEAS Workshop



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