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 Eligibility & guidelines

  • The Nottingham Advantage Award is available at all Nottingham campuses and is open to all undergraduate students enrolled on any course in any school. 
  • Postgraduates who started the award during their undergraduate course at Nottingham may complete the award as a postgraduate.
  • The minimum time to complete the award is two (2) academic years. 
    Students are advised to complete 30 credits before their final year in order to lessen their burden in the final year. 
  • It is possible to undertake just one or two modules, which like the Advantage Award will be displayed on your degree transcript, however you will not accredited with having completed the full Award. 
  • To be eligible for the full Award, you need to complete 30 credits.  
  • University policy states that you can earn up to 20 credits towards the Advantage Award per academic year so that you may give priority to your course of study.
If in any doubt, please email 


There are a number of simple steps you'll need to follow to register as a Nottingham Advantage Award student and choose your modules.

  • To take part in any of our modules you will first need to register as an Award student.
  • Once we have received your application you will receive email confirmation that you have been registered as an Award student
  • You only need to register once

Applying for modules

  • At the start of each academic semester all registered students will receive an email about the module opportunities for that semester
  • Please refer to the individual module pages as the application process varies from module to module, for the specific application details
  • Once you have read through the information about the modules and have found the right one for you, you are ready to apply - it's as easy as that!
  • After the closing date you will receive an email confirming if you have been accepted on to the module. For modules where you have applied to the School or department directly you should inform the Award team that you have been accepted on to the module.
  • Before  registering for an Award module please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions. 

Academic Responsibility 

The Award is designed to compliment academic studies and not to compete with them. If you do intend to take part in the Award, we encourage you to manage your time effectively by only choosing modules when you are sure that workshops to not clash with academic sessions, or where taking part will not detract from your ability to complete work for an academic deadline. 

Academic commitments must always be prioritised, therefore, participation in the Award is not an acceptable reason for missing a schedule academic session or deadline. 

We expect you to take responsibility to choose Award modules that do not clash with your academic studies.

By participating in the Award you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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