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Associate IT accounts

An Associate is someone who needs access to the University's IT services and who does not gain it automatically by being in the University's HR or Student Record systems.

There are a number of different roles which fall into this category:

  • External Examiner requiring direct access to University IT facilities
  • Visiting scholar/fellow working on University premises requiring access to University IT facilities/Library services
  • External lecturer or researcher requiring access to University IT facilities
  • Consultant or company representative requiring access to University IT facilities/Library Services
  • On short term secondment and/or working within a University School/Department
  • Emeritus Professor
  • Special Professor
  • Part time teaching staff
  • Temporary admin staff

Associate Accounts will be created and retained with the following conditions:-

  1. The Associate is NOT in the University payroll system.
  2. The Associate Account will be used for a minimum of 3 months* to a year.
  3. Renewal (if necessary) of existing associate accounts must be done before the expiry date.
* Please use Guest Accounts if shorter than 3 months.


How do I apply for an associate account?

Please note that only designated sponsors can access the form to request for Associate Accounts. If you would like to apply an associate account on behalf of someone who fits the description of an associate, kindly approach your Head of Department/School or Faculty Manager.

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