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Student IT accounts

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What can I access?

Student IT accounts provide access to the following services:




IT Account activation

An IT account is issued to each new student as part of the registration process. You will first need to activate your IT account to retrieve your official university username and temporary password. You will be given the chance to change your password during the activation.


  • Steps to activate your IT account
    1. Visit IT Accounts
    2. Click 'All Students'
    3. Read the Code of Practice and supporting policies
    4. Enter your surname, date of birth and student ID
    5. Tick 'I have read and understood the statement on this page'
    6. Click 'Continue'
    7. Your username, temporary password and email address will be displayed on screen (make a note of these details)
    8. Click 'Continue'
    9. Enter your username and temporary password and click 'Next'
    10. Set your security questions and responses, note these are case sensitive
    11. Click 'Save Answers' and then click 'Continue'
    12. Click 'Change My Password'
    13. Enter the temporary password you just used to log in and click 'Continue'
    14. Follow the on screen instructions to set a secure password
    15. Click 'Change Password' and remember your new password
    16. You're all set, now sign out and close IT accounts


Once you have activated your IT account, you can login to NottinghamHub with the same username and password to complete your online registration as a student.




IT account holders can manage their own password. When you change your password for one service, your password will automatically change for other services too.


How do I change my password?


  • I know my existing password
    1. Open IT Accounts and under Existing Users click on Login
    2. Enter your University username and current password then click Next
    3. Click Change My Password and follow the instructions
    4. Click Logout in the top right-hand corner of the window


  • I have forgotten my password
    1. Open IT Accounts and under Existing Users click on Login
    2. Click on 'Click here if you've forgotten your username or password'
    3. Click on 'Forgotten Password'
    4. Enter your University username and click on Search
    5. If you have previously set your password questions and answers you will be prompted to answer three of your four questions
    6. Once you have done this, click Check Answers and follow the instructions to change your password
    7. To close IT Accounts, click Logout

If you have not completed the password security questions and answers, please contact IT Service Desk.


Avoiding problems with your password


  • How often should I change my password?
We recommend you change your password every 6 months or sooner.


  • How to change your security questions or answers
    1. Login to IT Accounts with your University username and password
    2. Under the Application tab, click Set Password Reset Prompts
    3. Key in your current password and click Sign in
    4. Click on Clear Answers and OK to confirm (this will clear all existing questions & answers)
    5. Type in your questions and answers.
    6. Once you have made your changes, click Save Answers



Your responsibilities

All students must take full responsibility for activity within their IT account and adhere to the Code of Practice.
Account owners are requested to take appropriate care with their account details/passwords.


IT Services

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