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Members of CSCC conduct research at the crossroads of media and culture, communication technology, and social change. The emerging digital and globalised world provides a focus for our research, which considers a variety of media and cultural forms, ranging from the printed to the digital, from popular to high arts, from multinational to local producers, and from mainstream to alternative media and cultures.

Our work addresses transformations in media and culture as well as their transformational power in society. We seek to elucidate current developments and changes in the media and cultural industries, as well as the changing ways in which individuals, groups, organisations, and institutions use media and culture to express their identities and ideas and to advance their positions.

We study these transformations in relation to a range of wider societal forces and developments, notably the rise of the internet and other new communication technologies, the shifting relations between the global, the national and the local, increased social diversity and individualisation.

Collaborative research projects continue to be carried out with scholars from a wide spectrum of countries in and around the region, including those from Australia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


Key Research Areas

  • The history, policies and structures of the culture industries - these encompass structural analysis, political economy and post colonial development studies.
  • Cultural production - identifying and evaluating what have been produced, when, by whom, and for whom.
  • Products, formats, genres and patterns - where analyses look into imported/indigenous forms, and local/global cultures.
  • Media and human rights - these include media and gender relations, media and minority groups, and communication rights.
  • International information flows – questions of imbalance, cultural and media imperialism and dependency. 
  • Comparative literature, Japanese literature, literary translation.
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