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Elynn Tan  Elynn Tan 

Thesis Title: Traditions in Modernity: Studying the performance of the Chinese orchestra in Malaysia as a cultural ecosystem. 

Duration of Study: Year 2

Short Biodata: Elynn Tan is a second year doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her research interest is the Chinese orchestra in Malaysia, currently exploring its position as a cultural ecosystem. A musician herself, she has a strong passion in exploring alternative means for musical presentations and is open to artistic collaborations. 


Mi-Ran Shin  Miran Shin

Miran Shin is a first-year doctoral candidate researching Korean migrants in Malaysia under the supervision of Dr Gaik Cheng Khoo and Dr Joanne Lim.  


Abszra  Abszra Davadason Peter 

Abszra is a 3rd year doctoral candidate researching Malaysian political communication on Twitter. He uses critical technocultural discourse analysis to examine, what appears to be, an emerging public sphere on the platform. Using the abrupt regime change which saw Pakatan Harapan losing its hard fought victory during the 14th General Election - known as the Sheraton Move, as a case study, Abszra's work deconstructs reactions of political elites, media outlets, and the general citizenry. His research approaches 'big data' analytics, qualitatively and proposes an integrated, critical conceptual framework to provide novel empirical findings to better understand the Malaysian Twittersphere. 

Supervisor: Prof. Zaharom Nain
Co-supervisor: Dr Joanne Lim


gayathryvenkiteswaran  Gayathry Venkiteswaran  

Gayathry Venkiteswaran is researching media reforms processes in Myanmar and Indonesia during their respective political transitions and democratisation. Her research is informed by a political economy approach as well as an analysis of the changing relationships between the state, media, civil society, and international media organisations.
Supervisor: Prof Zaharom Nain
Co-supervisor: Dr Joanne Lim


Sheila Julis  Sheila Julis  

Sheila Julis is a Master’s in research (MRes) candidate researching property relations, including land demarcation and resource ownership using the Orang Temuan as a qualitative case study. Using durian as a worldview, her research investigates the Orang Temuan’s practice of durian cultivation and management as part of their agroforestry tradition in hope of documenting an alternative memory opposing formal narratives on land management. It aims to provide a counter-narrative to the popular conversations of victimisation and subalternised perspectives, as the community utilises durian as a tool to build resilience, unity, and the reclamation of their communal rights.

Supervisor: Dr Khoo Gaik Cheng
Co-supervisor: Dr Rusaslina Idrus (Universiti of Malaya)


Jeannette Goon  Jeannette Goon 

Degree: MRes (Social and Behavioural Science) 

Dissertation Title: Alternatives to Freedom: Expressions of Empowerment in the Malay Female Body

Jeannette Goon is a Master of Research (MRes) candidate researching pornography and sex media in Malaysia, with a focus on the female body. Her dissertation explores a range of Internet platforms including blogs, social media, and video platforms to look at how the Malay/sian female body is deployed and manifests in the three registers of Lacanian psychoanalysis – the Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real. Its goal is to examine the contradictions between typical English-language, liberal narratives and Malay-language, supposedly conservative  sex discourse taking place online, in order to propose an alternative form of women's empowerment that does not necessarily conform to feminism in general.

Supervisor: Dr Ahmad Fuad Rahmat
Co-supervisor: Dr Khoo Gaik Cheng


PW  Penny Wong  

Penny Wong is a Master's in Research (MRes) candidate researching Hakka durian farmers in Balik Pulau. She explores the durian farmers' durian cultivation and farm management methods by understanding their dynamic relationships with other durian farmers themselves and durian stakeholders: durian middlemen, durian sellers, agrochemical companies, the government, and fruit associations. Using Practice Theory, this exploration aims to understand the shift in Hakka durian farmers' intergenerational identity. 

Supervisor: Dr Khoo Gaik Cheng
Co-supervisor: Dr Lim Khay Thiong (National Chi Nan University)


TSF  Teoh Sing Fei 

Thesis Title: Digital Media Interventions and Strategies for Participatory Governmental Reforms in Malaysia 

Short Biodata: Sing Fei is studying and researching uses and challenges of new media for participatory governmental practices in Malaysian and Southeast Asian societies. More broadly, he is also exploring uses of various methods and tools in Social Research for public diplomacy and policymaking purposes. 

Supervisor: Dr Joanne Lim Bee Yin
Co-supervisor: Dr Siti Khadijah Zainal Badri 


MQY  Ma Qingyu 

Short Biodata: Ma Qingyu is a first-year doctoral candidate researching idol Fan Communities in China. Through qualitative research, her research investigates the questions of how young Chinese women have resurrected the religiosity of fandom by means of their interactions with popular idols or works, fan communities, and higher authorities, explores the socially constructed ambivalence of modern young females and their self-constructed subjectivity, as well as the choices these factors lead young women to make. 

Supervisor: Dr Khoo Gaik Cheng
Co-supervisor: Dr Gayathry Venkiteswaran


SA  Saiful Azhar Shaharun   

Thesis Title: Media Setting in Polivy Processes Using Narrative Policy Framework on Housing Under the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2023)  

Short Biodata: Saiful is a first year doctoral candidate in media studies. His research interest focuses on media agenda setting and public policy. He uses narrative policy framework (NPF) to explore on how media is used to propagate public policies. This will lead to better insights on how actors involved in the the public policy formulation understand the roles and importance of media in making it an impactful policy. 

Supervisor: Prof. Zaharom Nain
Co-supervisor: - 

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