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Faculty of Science funding

The Faculty of Science is committed to supporting the research of academic staff.  The Faculty has two internal funding schemes supporting the procurement of research equipment and conference attendance and travel.



Equipment and pump priming

The Faculty offers a 'pump-priming' scheme in which researchers may apply for funding with the goal that the pump priming funding will set the platform for exploring major external grant applications. The following conditions apply: 

  • open to academic staff who have been at UNMC less than three years or academics who have not applied for the grant before.
  • there are two annual calls, in January and June.
  • successful applicants cannot reapply for funding.
  • applications must be via the application form (in pdf format).
  • a maximum of RM15,000 may be awarded.
  • the budget should be realistic, justifiable, and where possible, be supported with quotations.
  • travel costs should be based on the most suitable and economic form of transport.
  • subsistence costs should reflect normal University rates.
  • honorarium paid to research assistants would be as per current university rates with provisions made for EPF, SOCSO, and medical (on a pro-rata basis).
  • experimental kits/minor equipment  purchased from the fund should be made available for use by other researchers.
  • successful applicants will submit a one page summary to the Chair of the Research Committee within two months of completion highlighting their findings. The report should include a summary of financial expenditure.
  • successful applicants will be invited present their work to the Faculty
  • if a project is delayed, the applicant should make a written extension request to the Chair. The maximum extension is one month. 

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