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Research in Biomedical Sciences

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The dynamic world of biomedical sciences underpins much of modern healthcare. As illnesses and treatments become more sophisticated, so does the need for more understanding of the human body and the effects of drugs and diseases. The diversity of this subject area is reflected in the key disciplines that comprise the Division of Biomedical Sciences: anatomy, biochemistry, neuroscience, pharmacology and physiology. The division employs international scientists who are experienced in their field of expertise, providing you with scientific knowledge and practical skills. Students completing a research degree can undertake molecular or non-molecular research. Molecular research involves using cutting-edge molecular biology techniques, while non-molecular research utilises techniques.

Research in biomedical sciences

The Division of Biomedical Sciences is a fantastic place to build a scientific career. Our academics are passionate about research and actively lead research in the area of tropical medicine – communicable and non-communicable diseases. Our three research clusters highlight the specialist research expertise within the division and contribute to the better understanding and management of diseases that are highly prevalent in the tropics.

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