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Firefox Browser Settings

These instructions should guide you through the simple steps of changing the following settings in the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:

Change the Text Size

To change the size of text on a web page, follow these simple steps

  1. Click View on the toolbar
  2. If using Firefox 2, click Text Size on the View menu and increase or decrease the text size as required.
  3. If using Firefox 3, click Zoom on the View menu and zoom in or zoom out as required.

You should now notice a change in the size of the text.

Alternatively, if you have a scroll mouse:

Hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) on your keyboard and scroll up or down depending on whether you want the text size larger or smaller (this may not work on all web pages).

Change the Text Style

  1. Click Tools, on the toolbar
  2. Then click on Options
  3. Ensure you click on the Content Tab
  4. Select the font from the drop down list 
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Where it asks if you want to allow pages to choose their own font… Un-tick the box
  7. Click Ok in the Fonts box
  8. Click Ok in the Options box

The style of the font should have changed to your preferred font 

Change the Text/Background Colour

  1. Click Tools on the toolbar
  2. Then click on Options
  3. Ensure you click on Content
  4. Click Colours
  5. Click on the colour next to Text or Background depending on which you want to change, a colour chart will appear
  6. Click on you colour preference and then click OK
  7. The main Options screen will appear. Click OK

The colour of the text and/or background should have changed to your preferred colour

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