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This counselling service is  registered (Reg No: 00090) with the Malaysian Counselling Board in accordance with the Malaysian Counsellor's Rules and Regulation (Code of Ethics) 1999.



Confidentiality & data protection

The University Counselling Service is confidential. This means that we do not disclose verbal or written information without your permission or agreement. In rare cases, disclosure may occur without your consent if there is good reason to believe that you or others are at risk.

Confidentiality means:

Question: "Will you keep my problem a secret?"

Answer: "Yes."


Record keeping

Brief notes are kept in a secure place only within the Counselling Service.

As a core aspect of everyday practice, counsellors understand both the legal and ethical implications of providing confidentiality and of keeping records concerning their clients. As such all notes are recorded in short factual notes, and stored in a secure, locked place within the Service.

If you would like further clarification about the way the University Counselling Service works, please discuss this with your frontline counsellor.

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