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Who we are

The University Counselling Service (UCS) is a free confidential service available to registered undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University and to all members of the academic and support staff. The counselling Service is unable to offer counselling required as part of an academic course or to the families of members of staff.

It is registered with the Malaysian Board of counsellors as required by law

What we do

Some of you may be wondering how to use this service or what is it all about. To put it simply - if there is something that makes you feel unhappy and you feel that you want to do something about it but you do not know how to, you could seek help from others.

There are times, however, when you may consider professional counselling if the problem doesn't go away, or you may find it difficult to talk to people you know.

Counselling is a way of enabling choice or change or of reducing confusion. A counsellor is someone who is trained in human behaviour and he/she understands the importance of confidentiality.

Issues & concerns

Personal emotional issues:

  • Adjustment to university life
  • self-esteem and identity crisis
  • anxiety and depression
  • phobia
  • suicide attempt

Academic/work related issues:

  • Exam anxiety
  • study skills and language problems
  • questioning degree value
  • loss of motivation
  • post-university plans

Relationships issues:

  • family
  • bereavement
  • children
  • peers
  • loneliness
  • separation and divorce
  • relationships breakdown

Other specific concerns:

  • alcohol and drugs
  • eating difficulties
  • rape and sexual assault
  • abuse
  • physical health
  • HIV
  • disability
  • bullying
  • pregnancy


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