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Research Symposia presentations

The presentations from the symposium are available below and are organised by research theme.

 Plant Physiology; Fertility Photoperiod and Drought Tolerance  Dr. Ajit Singh  pdf download
 BamYield  Dr. Festo Massawe  pdf download 

 Effect of sowing dates, heat, photoperiod and drought on the

 performance of bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea) 


 Dr. Joseph Berchie  pdf download
 Bambara Groundnut: the Future Crop for Botswana  Dr. Odireleng Molosiwa  pdf download
 Bambara Groundnut Research Activities at IITA  Dr. Ousmane Boukar  pdf download
 BamYield Studentship and Overview  Dr. Sean Mayes  pdf download
 Bambara groundnut Nutrition, products, processing and uses  Dr. Susan Azam Ali  pdf download
 Symbiotic functioning and rhizobial biodiversity of Bambara
 Prof. Felix Dakora  pdf download
 International Workshop Series BamYield
 Prof. Sayed Azam Ali  pdf download
 Title  Presenter
 BiomassPlus: Agronomy and Agroecology  Debbie Sparks  pdf download
 BiomassPlus: Technology  Denny K.S. Ng  pdf download
 BiomassPlus Workshop Presentation on behalf of Sime Darby       Dr. K. Harikrishna   pdf download
 Green Biomass Industry  Joseph Lim  pdf download
 Welcome Remarks  Prof. Sayed Azam Ali  pdf download
 Workshop Aims and Objectives  Prof. Aik Chin Soh  pdf download
 Approaches to Improve Efficiency in Malaysian Agriculture  Dr. Sean Mayes  pdf download
 CFFRC Workshop update   Prof. Sayed Azam Ali  pdf download
 CropBase Programme Ouline   Asha Karunaratne  pdf download
 Dimensional Informatics  Dr. Tim Brailsford  pdf download
 Economic Value Prediction System   Chen Zhi Yuan  pdf download

 A Multi-Perspectival Framework to Enhance Trans-Disciplinary

 Communication in Cropbase 

 Patrick O'Reilly  pdf download
 GRASP-AGRIGIS Draft Work Plan   Prof M. Jackson  pdf download

 Interactive Quality Assessment of Crowd Sourced Location Data

 for Agricultural Research 

 Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu  pdf download
 Introduction to CropBase in CFFRC   Prof. Sayed Azam Ali  pdf download
 Introduction to Supported Projects   Dr. Sean Mayes  pdf download
 Introduction to the Workshop   Mike Jackson  pdf download
 Ontology-driven CropBase knowledge   Dr. Abdur Rakib  pdf download
 The Crop Base Knowledge Platform   Ben Phaer  pdf download
 The role of CropBase in CFFRC   Dr. Sean Mayes  pdf download
 Web Tool for Customisable Remote Sensing Imagery Searches  Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu  pdf download

FoodPlus Round Table presentations

CFFRC Research Center Introduction
Prof Sayed Azam Ali
pdf download
Increasing The Availability Of Micronutrients As A Public Health Strategy Prof Khor Geok Lin pdf download
Agriculture, Food and Health Malaysia’s real golden triangle Dr Patrick O'Reilly pdf download
Will the Combined Catalytic Roles of Nutrition, Food and Agriculture
Buck the Trend in Lifestyle Diseases?
Azizi Meor Ngah pdf download

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