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University website

The University publishes a large amount of information on its public website, much of which is provided by staff based in Schools and Departments across the University.
Corporate Marketing is directly responsible for some areas of the site, such as the About the University section,  key messages and news on the University home page,  but most units manage their own sites using Contensis CMS.
Information Services  unit is responsible for technical development, web applications and the technical architecture for storing and publishing web content.

The University website content

The University homepage is designed as a landing page, to channel visitors to more detailed areas of the website. Content on the home page is carefully controlled. The Home Page Banner (the large image) is reserved for major events, activities or news items promoting recruitment, research and global profile. 

Contensis System for web management (CMS) 

Contensis Web Admins (Editors) is the first point of contact for school/department heads for any required changes on your websites. Upon receiving content from school/department heads/person in charge of content, Web Admins' responsibility includes : 

  • Update ALL relevant pages in the school/department's website (including news and events), with exception to course related information under Study. 
  • Notify or prompt faculty members to update their existing e-staff profiles if required. 

Corporate Marketing's role
  • Assist in conducting technical training to appointed web admins to maintain websites as well as consulting if required. This includes web content style, format and layout, and branding compliance. Email our Web Team if you would like to join CMS's Training. 
  • Assist faculties to make website changes to course related information under Study. Content accuracy is the responsibility of the faculties.  
  • Approve submitted web pages unless the department specifically specifies that they are taking on the Approval role. 

Department/faculty's role

  • Website content accuracy of your own website.
  • Appointments or removals (change of roles or employment status with UNMC) of Web Admins. Please contact Web Team for any changes in this Contensis Web Admin Master List.   
  • Setting up of new e-staff profile or removals of e-staff profile is done by IS. School/department heads to appoint a staff within the department to liaise directly with IS to ensure it is done. For new staff joining, they will need to fill in a username creation form and send to IS. Staff pictures will need to be emailed to IS for uploading. 


Conference Website

University conferences can now have their own website detailing information in relation to the conference. Conference websites are neutrally branded and look something like the 3rd International Symposium site.


Google Analytics

Web analytics allows you to analyse user and visitor behaviour on your websites using Google Analytics, a web statistics package. Corporate Marketing will be conducting training to Website Admins in 2016. 

This package allows you to monitor:

  • average visits duration
  • average page views per day
  • search phrases used
  • visitors' geographical locations

Who to contact for website support

Contact the respective departmental/faculty Website Admins to assist on website maintenance. 

Contact Web Team for any new appointments or removals of Web Admins.


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