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Internet access in Halls

Stay connected in the halls of residences.


Student Network Services (SNS)

SNS is a high speed internet link for students living in the halls of residences of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

All campus halls have access points that broadcast WLAN connection to the residents.



Getting connected

To connect:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your device
  2. Select 'eduroam'
  3. When prompted, enter your University username followed by
    For example:
  4. Enter your University password
  5. Accept certificate if prompted


For Android/iPhone/iPad devices, follow the instructions below:

  1. Please select the 'PEAP' in EAP method.
  2. Please select 'Do not verify/validate' or 'None' in the CA certificate field.
  3. Please select 'MSCHAPv2' in Phase-2 authentication *
  4. Please select 'Phone/System MAC' for MAC address type (if available) *
  5. Use your university's email as Identity (leave Anonymous Identity blank) and university's password
  6. Domain (if required): ''

*Note: Find 3 & 4 hidden under Advanced options if available



Getting help

Having trouble getting connected?

  1. Self-help troubleshooting guide
  2. How to change my password

If you require assistance with SNS, please contact:

  • SNS Helpdesk @ Nexus Hall:
    Monday - Friday (8.30am to 5.30pm)

  • Email us through:

  • Web support:

  • Phone support:
    03-8924 8085

IT Services

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