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Opened in September 2010, the School of Politics, History and International Relations (PHIR) provides the University with a unique research-hub in the fields of political science, international relations (IR) and history, located in one of the politically most dynamic regions of the world. The principal focus of our activity lies in the provision of graduate-level teaching, doctoral and post-doctoral research and interacting with governments, civil society bodies and international organisations located in Malaysia and the region.

Research in politics, history and international relations

Research collaboration is promoted through The University of Nottingham’s Research Priority Groups - principally the Integrating Global Society and the Science, Technology and Society groups - and through staff and student membership of our sub-discipline, tri-campus research centres: 


Academics and research staff in the School of Politics, History and International Relations are currently conducting research in the following areas: 

  • Southeast Asia: Politics, Society and International Relations
  • Terrorism and Extremism in South East Asia
  • Issues in International Development, Development Management and Theory
  • Contemporary International History
  • International Relations Theory
  • Diplomatic Studies and Mediation
  • Political Transitions in Latin America and the Middle East
  • The Rise and Role of the BRICS
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy
  • Biopolitics and Governmentality
  • Continental Political Theory
  • Colonial History and Post-colonial Theory
  • Fiscal Policy and Federalism
  • Clientelism
  • Administrative Reform
  • European Integration
  • Comparative Political Economy of Regional Integration
Research students are eligible to apply for funding to attend national and international conferences and to cover research costs, travel and other incidentals.

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School of Politics, History and International Relations

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