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There has never been a more relevant or exciting time to study politics and international relations. Increasing economic globalisation, social mobility and rapid changes in domestic, regional and global politics impact our daily lives. Politics is about power and resources. How, where and when is power exercised, and for whom? What criteria and processes determine the distribution of resources and who gets what, when and where?

The School of Politics, History and International Relations (PHIR) at the Malaysia Campus is uniquely well positioned to explore these issues. It offers students the opportunity to study politics, international relations and development in one of the most vibrant and dynamic capital cities in Asia.

As a student you will not only acquire a detailed knowledge of politics and international relations, but also develop invaluable transferable skills, including communication and presentation, essay and report writing, information gathering and report planning. Those taking the degree with ‘languages’ will also develop linguistic skills to operate effectively in a cosmopolitan business or professional setting.

We provide a dynamic learning environment that will enrich your life. You will engage directly in our common pursuit of cutting edge, policy relevant and curiosity-driven research. In the process we will stretch and test you; we will ask you to push yourself, and to question your assumptions and those of the people around you. Above all, we offer an experience that will indelibly shape the way you view the world and your place in it.

Professor William Case
Head, School of Politics, History & International Relations


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