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The Nanotechnology group fosters internationally competitive research in green energy and healthcare 

Our cross-disciplinary team brings expertise in advanced materials and smart devices. Together, we form one of the universities major research strengths and our researchers are actively contributing to the development of nanotechnology-based industries in Malaysia and South East Asia. Our impacts on advancing the field and policy-making are recognised by the National Nanotechnology Centre, under MOSTI. 


Our world-leading researchers make the nanotechnology group a partner of choice in two broad research areas: 

  • Nanomaterials Discovering new materials and characterising their properties  

  • Nanotechnology applications Realising the benefits of nanotechnology in industrial processes and commercial products   


Our academic staff have internationally recognised expertise in the following topic areas: 

  • Advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0)  
  • Aerospace composites  
  • Bio-imaging  
  • Diagnostic tools  
  • Disease and cancer sensing (pharmaceuticals)  
  • Drug delivery  
  • Energy storage/Supercapacitors  
  • Green and low energy synthesis  
  • Green coating 
  • Photocatalysis for industrial waste 
  • Smart polymers  
  • Tissue engineering  


Our group has expertise and facilities to customise techniques for material synthesis and characterisation, and to develop tools such as biosensors. We can also access various state-of-the-art instruments through our extensive partnerships, including the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre on our UK campus. This is a large-scale facility dedicated to supporting and promoting world-leading nanoscience and materials characterisation. 

We’re always pleased to hear from commercial organisations and other universities with ideas for collaboration and requests for consultancy and contract research.  


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Director, Dr Kasturi Muthoosamy 


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