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Centre for Green Technologies (CEGT)

 Centre for Green Technologies (CEGT)

The Centre for Green Technologies (CEGT) is a major national centre for clean energy and renewable industries 

Malaysia is a country of abundant natural resources, from which our present day economy and industry have grown.  In order to maintain and develop the nation’s wealth, heritage and well-being, Malaysia is focussing on sustainable green technologies that will stimulate economic activity whilst reducing the environmental impact. 

At the Centre for Green Technologies (CEGT), we aspire to play a major role in Malaysia’s transition to a renewable energy economy, and to position Malaysia as a leader of clean energy and renewable industries in South East Asia.  

Our interdisciplinary collaborative approach attracts companies from across Malaysia to work towards achieving a cleaner and greener future. Together we are increasing resource efficiencies and promoting sustainable lifestyles through our development of environmentally-friendly products and processes. 

We are ambitious to play a major role in Malaysia’s transition to a renewable energy economy Malaysia and one of South East Asia’s clean energy and renewable industries leader.  

Our three key research objectives are closely aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (goal 7), Responsible Consumption and Production (goal 12), and Climate Action (goal 13). 

  • Green technologies Identifying how industry can do more and better with less 

  • Clean energy Recognising that energy is central to nearly every major global challenge and opportunity 

  • Better environment Reducing environmental degradation through enhanced industrial processes 


Our academic staff have expertise in the following topic areas: 

  • Computational techniques (simulation and optimisation, computational fluid dynamics) 
  • Environmental protection technologies 
  • Lean and green manufacturing 
  • Sustainable energy and fuels
  • Sustainable process design  


The Centre is co-led by a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM). 

The production and development of green technologies reduces Malaysia’s carbon footprint whilst promoting sustainable industrial and economic growth - creating jobs, attracting investment and honouring our responsibility to the environment. Our researchers are passionate about future industrial innovation, and so we’re always pleased to hear from commercial organisations and other universities with ideas for collaboration. If you share our ambition for cleaner, greener industrial processes and products, please get in touch.  


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