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Green and Renewable Technologies






School / Department

Research fields

Ai Bao Chai 0000-0003-0738-7888 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Rubbers, soft materials, biocomposites, shape memory polymers
  • Finite element analysis, mechanical behavious, mechanical modelling

Anurita Selvarajoo


Chemical and Environmental Engineering

  • Biomass conversion technologies
  • Biochar synthesis from agriultural waste
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Chiew Lin Yap


Foundation in Science

  • Organic compounds synthesis, biomass conversions
  • Catalysis, sustainable production technologies
  • Kinetic and thermodynamic studies, process optimisation, soil remediation

Christina Chin


Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

  • Project engineering management, LCA sustainability and environmental impact
  • Renewable energy policies and security, battery storage SOC and SOH
  • Pollution management in river restoration, remediation and prevention programme

Christina Supramaniam



  • Sustainable palm oil, environmental microbiology, plant-microbe interaction
  • Molecular phytopathology, soil microbiome, biomass composting and industrial biotechnology
Dominic Foo 0000-0002-8185-255X Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Process integration
  • Waste minimisation, CO2 reduction
  • Carbon capture and storage, combined heat and power
Faye Siewhui Chong 0000-0002-5957-7619 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Photocatalysis, water and wastewater treatment, microbial fuel cell
  • Circular economy (composting, material recycling, waste management, life cycle assessment)
  • Process simulation
Suyin Gan 0000-0001-5284-4297 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Biofuels and biomass processing
  • Combustion and emissions
  • Environmental remediation
Gnanam Gnanagurunathan 0000-0002-4223-031X Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Antenna
  • Energy harvesting, rectennas
  • Metamaterial, optical communication, microwave filters
Hermawan Nugroho 0000-0002-8779-3116 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Image and signal processing
  • Optimisation
  • Edge computing, fog computing, artificial intelligence, embedded system
Hon Loong Lam  0000-0003-1818-9078 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Process synthesis and optimisation
  • Green operational management
Hoon Kiat Ng 0000-0002-4055-8151 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Chemical kinetics modelling of diesel/biodiesel combustion
  • Biofuels production and combustion, engine testing
  • Parallel processing and neural network analysis of engine performance/emissions
  • Soil remediation using extraction and advanced oxidation processes (AOP), thermal system analyses, biomechanical system
Ianatul Khoiroh 0000-0002-0503-2461 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Thermophysical properties
  • Separation and purification, synthesis of new ionic liquids
  • Molecular dynamic simulations
Jee Hou Ho 0000-0002-6374-8302 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Gait analysis, dynamics and vibrations
  • Robotics, computer vision, eergy harvesting, smart materials
Kamyar Mehranzamir 0000-0002-6808-201X Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Hybrid renewable energy systems, stand alone and grid connected photovoltaic systems
  • Energy management, distributed generation and distributed energy resources
  • Micro grids, power system
Khai Ching Ng 0000-0001-9850-0537 Mechanical, Materials, and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, Computational fluid dynamics
  • Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), mesh-less method, particle method
  • Numerical computing, object-oriented programming, parallel computing (GPGPU)
  • Fluid structural interaction, ocean energy harvesting, virtual surgery, physiological flow modelling
Khameel Bayo Mustapha 0000-0002-9905-9162 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Continuum micromechanics, computational mechanics
  • Mechanics of lightweight architected/sandwich/smart additively manufactured structures
  • Finite element analysis, data-driven material modelling, MEMs
Kim Yeow Tshai 0000-0001-9141-3887 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Fibre reinforced composites, nanocomposites, polymer synthesis
  • Characterisation and structural analysis, moulding processes and optimisation
  • Biomaterials, smart, functional and renewable materials, fire retardant polymer, finite element analysis
Ko Choong Woo 0000-0003-0661-3943 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Energy harvesting
  • Vibro-impact systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics
Kok Weng Ng 0000-0001-6910-0040 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering eesign, product eesign and innovation
  • Sustainable product engineering
  • Computer vision, intelligent systems, robotics, assembly and manufacturing planning   
Lai Yee Lee  0000-0001-7798-3429 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Air pollution - volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal
  • Crbon nanotubes and graphene-based composite synthesis, biochar and bio-oil synthesis from agricultural waste
Maxine Swee Li Yee 0000-0001-8063-3702 Foundation in Engineering
  • Coatings, corrosion, fouling
  • Drug delivery, electrochemical sensing
  • Wastewater treatment, nanocomposites, graphene, mesoporous and microporous materials
Mumtaj Begam Kasim Rawthar 0000-0001-5189-5148 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electric vehicles (green charging)
  • Nanomaterials
  • Renewable energy harvesting
Nishanth Chemmangattuvalappil 0000-0002-1501-7441 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Process and product design
  • Solvent design and the design of integrated bio-refineries
Novita Sakundarini 0000-0002-7998-2910 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Eco Design, sustainable manufacturing, sustainable material selection, design for recovery oriented
  • Energy security, environmental impact asessment tool in design
  • Computer vision based system, inteligent systems, resource recovery for electric vehicles batteries
Pau Loke Show 0000-0002-0913-5409 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Food processing
  • Bioprocessing, algea research
  • Bioproduct recovery
Scribano Gianfranco 0000-0002-9390-3609 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Computational fluid dynamics, combustion fundamentals
  • Fluid mechanics, visualization techniques in fluid mechanics
  • Pollution analysis, aerosol dynamics
Senthil Kumar Arumugasamy 0000-0002-8169-3624 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Enzymatic polymerization
  • Artificial neural networks, process modelling, simulation
  • Process control, model predictive control
Sivakumar Manickam 0000-0001-9102-4013 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, nanoprocessing
  • Ultrasound, water treatment, hydrodynamic cavitation
  • Nanobiosensors, graphene
Sivathass Bannir Selvam 0000-0002-0085-9937 Environmental and Geographical Sciences
  • Sustainable energy technologies
  • Biofuel production
  • Pollutant treatments, and pilot-plant scale investigations
Suchithra Thangalazhy Gopakumar 0000-0002-2604-0620 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Biomass conversion technologies
  • Biofuel upgrading
  • Extraction of chemicals
Sze Hong Teh  0000-0002-4919-2424 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dynamic systems and control, nonlinear dynamics
  • Vibration, system identification, nonlinear optimisation
  • Energy harvesting, parametric pendulum, describing function
T. Nandha Kumar 0000-0002-5033-3095 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Embedded systems, nano electronics
  • IOT, integrating digital systems into the manufacturing process, methods include artificial intelligence
Thian Khoon Tan 0000-0001-8134-6115 Foundation in Engineering
  • Nanomaterials and nanocomposites materials in photocatalysis and wastewater treatments
Timm Joyce Tiong 0000-0003-1137-3606 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Catalysis
  • Power ultrasound
  • Air pollution, waste recovery
Vasanthi Sethu 0000-0003-2557-5233 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Water and wastewater treatment using green technologies and materials
  • Environmental remediation
Veronica Lestari Jauw 0000-0002-6240-273X Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • Data mining and machine learning, smart manufacturing
  • Bio-medical signal, intelligent control system, optimisation, robotics

Xinwei Cheng


Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

  • Chemical kinetics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Diesel, alternative fuels
  • Internal combustion engines, spray/flame development, soot, exhaust emissions, reduction schemes
Yee Wan Wong 0000-0001-8340-1325 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Artificial intellligence, Image processing
  • Control systems, big data analytics, IOT
  • Robotics
Yousif Abdalla Abakar Suliman 0000-0002-7641-0263 Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Renewable energies, solar thermal, low speed wind, biomass pyrolysis and gasification
  • Thermoacoustics, heat transfer, arospace propulsion systems
  • Energy harvesting and energy storage 
Yuh-Fen Pung 0000-0001-6195-3970 Pharmacy and Biomedical Science
  • Non-communicable diseases
  • Infections and immunity
  • Advanced Materials and formulations, natural products and medicinal chemistry