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Studying mathematics and management course at the University of Nottingham will expand your mathematical knowledge backed up by sound business awareness, helping you to gain a wide range of problem solving skills, which will help you to become a sought after graduate wherever there is a call for logical thinking and statistical or strategic managerial knowledge.

What is Mathematics and Management?

The ability to reason quantitatively and logically lies at the heart of many management decisions. This course is designed to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in a wide range of business and management careers.

This degree is designed for a comprehensive education in mathematics, probability and statistics integrated with the theory and practice of business management and entreprenuership. No previous knowledge of management or business studies is assumed.

How will I study?

Our programme is carefully designed to allow you to acquire the high level of cognition required to comprehend complex mathematical theories and rules, as well as the fundamentals of management and the most recent trends in business thinking. The joint disciplinary nature of the programme appeals to students who are mathematically inclined and who also wish to develop a knowledge of management topics such as human resource management, marketing, company finance and strategic management.

The Mathematics and Management course is evenly divided between the two main subject areas, except in the first year when mathematics accounts for two-thirds of the course. It draws upon the expertise of both the School of Mathematical Sciences and Nottingham University Business School (NUBS).

Industrial training

Although industrial training is not a compulsory module under the current course structure, students are encouraged to look for a placement opportunity during the summer vacation after second year of study. Industrial training provides a great way to help students to identify top career prospects and enhance their soft skills. 

Professional accreditation

The School has an agreement with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, under which students who obtain an average of more than 60% in any of the following combinations of modules will gain exemption from subject CT3 Probability and Mathematical Statistics.  

MATH1040 Probability
MATH1041 Statistics
MATH2046 Probability Models and Methods


MATH1040 Probability
MATH2046 Probability Models and Methods
MATH2047 Statistical Models and Methods


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