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Accepting your Place

Once you have decided to study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, you will need to formally accept your offer for a place before registration. Offer holders will normally be given a 4-week deadline to make the acceptance. For foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate taught offer holders, you are required to pay a tuition fee deposit of RM1,000 (Malaysian offer holders) or RM2,000 (International offer holders) when accepting the offer.

The tuition fee deposit is not applicable to postgraduate research offer holders. 




Refund of the Tuition Fee Deposit

The University will refund the tuition fee deposit (minus administrative fee) if you have a conditional offer but fail to satisfy the academic conditions. Please note that any refund of the tuition fee deposit will only be considered once you have obtained a letter of rejection from the University.

  • Malaysian Offer Holders – Tuition Fee Deposit (less RM150 administrative fee) will be refunded.
  • International Offer Holders – Tuition Fee Deposit (less RM200 administrative fee) will be refunded.

The deposit is non-refundable in any other circumstances and the request for the refund must be made within one (1) academic year. 

The refund of the tuition fee deposit will only be processed after you have completed the Refund of Tuition Fee Deposit Form and returned it to the Admissions Office. 

Government or organisation sponsored offer holders are exempted from paying this fee when they provide a letter which confirms their full sponsorship details before the offer lapse date. Offer holders who receive partial funding (less than 100% of the tuition fee) are still required to pay the tuition fee deposit.

Reactivation of the Offer for a Place

If the offer for a place has lapsed after the 4-week deadline, you will need to reactivate the offer by paying the reactivation processing fee of RM150 for Malaysian applicants or RM200 for international applicants. You will need to send an e-mail to the Admissions Office together with the Reactivation of Lapsed Offer Form and the proof of payment of the reactivation fee.

However, please be advised that the University may not be able to guarantee you another offer if the programme which you have applied for earlier has reached its maximum quota.

Deferment of an Offer

If you have decided not to accept the offer but are still interested to join the University for the next academic year, you will need to request for deferment by completing the Deferral Request Form.

Applicants are required to pay the deferment fee of RM50 for (Malaysian applicants) and RM100 for (International applicants).

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