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All students undertaking full-time studies in Malaysia are required to obtain a Student Pass. The process has been in transition from 2013 and changes are frequent. Please refer to the University website for the most current information.

UPDATE NOV 2016: Based on latest information from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Immigration Department, new Student Passes issued will be valid for the duration of the course applied for (subject to validity of passport). 

For current students, your Student Pass will continue to be renewed on a yearly basis. Please visit the Visa Office to find out more about this process or read about it in the Returning Students section.

New students

As of April 1st 2016, incoming international students will have the option of applying for their Visa Approval Letters through the following methods:

Option A is the recommended method. However, students who opt for Option B can contact the UNMC Visa Office if any assistance is required. 

Inter-campus exchange and transfer students may refer to this section to understand the visa application process, but will deal directly with the International Office in their campus for assistance.

Returning students

Current students must renew their visa at least 3 months before their current visa expires.

Also read more about what to do if you lose your passport.

Special circumstances

Students facing one of the circumstances below may have to submit additional documents and undergo a slightly different process:

  • Students transferring from another institution in Malaysia
  • Students progressing to a higher level of study (e.g. Foundation to Bachelor's, Bachelor's to Masters)
  • Overstaying your visa
  • Bringing your family to Malaysia with you

Health & insurance

Read about the health check required by the Immigration for your Visa Approval Letter application, and about the insurance that is provided with your Student Pass.

UNMC Visa Office   

The UNMC Visa Office is the University's in-house provider of visa assistance to international students. All international students should make contact with the UNMC Visa Office during the visa application process. (new students) or (returning students)

Phone: +603 8725 3715/ 3705/ 8078/ 3706/ 3709





What is a VAL?

The Visa Approval Letter or VAL is a letter issued by the Malaysian Immigration department when your visa application is successful. 

Students from some countries will be able to enter Malaysia with a VAL while citizens of other countries may need to apply for a Single Entry Visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy.

What is an SEV?

A Single Entry Visa or SEV is an entry visa for non-residents entering Malaysia with the intention of studying. The SEV is obtained after the VAL has been approved.

See if you are required to obtain an SEV prior to arrival by referring to the Immigration Department's lists of countries.


Education Malaysia Global Services or EMGS are the private body appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education to process international student visa applications. UNMC will submit your visa application to EMGS.

For more information on EMGS, you can visit the EMGS website.

Immigration Department

The Immigration Department of Malaysia is the body that approves, rejects and issues the VAL and the Student Pass endorsement.

For more information o the Immigration Department, you can visit the official Immigration Department of Malaysia Student Pass Website.  




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