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How we can help

Finding good job prospects upon having returned home after being away for many years can be challenging. We aim to help you make the transition smoother and easier by offering:

    • Free and unbiased one-to-one individual guidance on developing the skills and experience valued by recruiters
    • Job-search for vacancies, internships as well as volunteering and work experience
    • Up-to-date information about career sectors as you explore your career options.
    • Learn the basic rules for the road. 


What you can do now

Research the job market in your home country, and abroad 

Think about what the local and overseas recruitment procedures and application time frames will be like. Could you get some sound advice on how to apply for the jobs in the sectors that interest you? You may get this vital information by approaching a potential employer of the future during career events and workshopsOnline newspapers, professional career publications and career blogs can be very useful too as you begin to plan and learn about industry news and current headlines.

The University subscribes to a couple of resources which can be accessed by current students, for free. You can log into Sharepoint to access the information. 



Over 300,000 free company salaries, bonuses and total pay - all anonymously posted by current or former employees.

Passport Career


Information on 81 countries, giving you a chance to embark on a corporate learning adventure.



Develop the skills and experience valued by recruiters

From the employer’s perspective, hiring an experienced and skilled candidate is always a worthwhile investment. Research potential companies and find out what exactly they are looking for. There are over 60 clubs and societies on-campus for you to enrich your study experience. Your active participation in the extracurricular activities as well as our International Student Career Series may help you to develop the transferable skills that can be used in a variety of careers in your home country or abroad. Voluntary work during your term breaks also sets out a vision for your future as it may lead to exciting opportunities and paid employment.


It may be worth maintaining a network of professional contacts in your home country and abroad, to find out whether they would be able to offer you bespoke advice on the opportunities available in the job market. Family, friends, lecturers, previous employers, even friends in your social media and the graduates in our Career Mentoring schemecan be a rich source of career information to you. 

Immigration advice

There are some regulations to be aware of when you wish to work in Malaysia. Kindly contact the International Office to help you break down issues relating to work applications and employment passes.  

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