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Information and FAQs for existing/progressing students

The COVID-19 situation in Malaysia and globally changes rapidly and governments around the world have put in stringent policies to control the spread of the virus. Many policies are introduced rapidly without much warning. This webpage will be updated weekly where possible but we will continue to send out emails to both new and continuing students to update them on any significant changes in policy. Please check your inboxes regularly during this period.

Students who are currently residing in Malaysia

How will my course be delivered - teaching and learning
Q. When can I come to campus and can I choose to study fully online?

Given the current circumstances of Covid-19 in Malaysia and after careful consideration, the University has decided to conduct all teaching and learning activities online for the new academic year (September 2021) until it is safe for us to resume teaching activities oncampus. This approach enables students to proceed with their studies as planned. In the event of any changes, the University will communicate regularly with students on blended teaching approach when we are able to resume physical classes on campus. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.

Students who are having internet access problem, connectivity issue or non-conducive learning environment can apply to study online from campus. The Student Registry Office will provide you with a form that you must complete to help us to plan and support your learning accordingly. If you do not complete the form, we will assume that you will continue studying online at home.

Q. What will be done for students if a last-minute decision to extend the closure of the campus is taken that forces students to do their courses online?
The extension of any closure of the campus will be a directive from the Ministry which UNM will have to comply with. Therefore, if there is an extension of closure, the classes will continue to be delivered online or as advised by UNM. 


What to know about traveling to campus and campus accommodation
Q. When can I come to campus?

For now, students may return to start their new academic year.  The Univeristy will update the students from time to time basis. This will be organised in a phased approach to ensure that we follow the necessaary SOPs.

For international students, this is subject to your visas being processed by the Malaysian Immigration Department and following the SOPs upon arrival, including the mandatory quarantine requirements. Quarantine days maybe imposed subject to the risk assessment carried out at the quarantine centre by health officers. For more information, please contact the International Student Support Team.

Q. I am an international student now staying within Malaysia, can I travel to campus?

Yes and please ensure to comply with all the requirements. There are no  inter-district or interstate travel restrictions for now.  Please contact the International Student Support at for further details.

International Support 

Q. How should I make my way/travel to the campus from within Malaysia?

All Returnees, including international students residing in Malaysia are expected to travel to campus via your own transportation. You are then allowed to drive into the campus including those arriving using public transportation, e.g., taxis or e-hailing vehicles.

Q. Can I return to my own reserved room or must I stay in a self-isolation room first?

Effective from 15th October 2021, fully vaccinated students returning from within Malaysia (including Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) are not required to undergo self-isolation and may check in to their on-campus accommodation.

Q. My program is going to take place in KLTC, not the main campus in Semenyih. What is the plan for students who plan to live in the city centre?

For full time and part time students, currently it is online and we will adopt the blended learning approach soon when it is safe to resume . For students in KLTC you will follow the same study mode as students on campus.

If you are staying on our main campus and are a full time student, you will need to write to us separately and we will advise you further if you want to arrange for a drop off to KL as the current drop off points after quarantine, are only to campus, UniVillage and Taman Tasik Semenyih. 

Q. I am currently residing in Malaysia but not on campus - what do I do to organise my return to campus accommodation?

To allow UNM to better manage the staggered arrival and check-in of students into their on-campus accommodations, you are required to provide your arrival details here at least three (3) working days before your arrival date. This will allow our Accommodation team to anticipate your arrival and assist with your check-in. Your date and time will be confirmed via an email reply.

Check in form


For further information on accommodation arrangements, self isolation policies on campus and the latest SOP's  please visit the accommodation website


International Students currently residing outside of Malaysia

Arriving in Malaysia - quarantine and other requirements 
Q. When will international students commence their studies in Malaysia?
The Ministry of Higher Education allows all new international students from all countries  to return to campus physically. We will continue our implementation of Blended Learning at UNM for the Spring Semester. Blended Learning is a combination of online delivery with face-to-face (on-campus) learning opportunities. 
Q. Will students from the 23 banned countries now be able to return to Malaysia?
Yes, all students are allowed to return. The ban has been lifted for all countries.
Q. For students who have already been vaccinated/immunized, would they still need to quarantine in a facility after landing in Malaysia?


All students from abroad need to undergo compulsory quarantine at designated Quarantine Centre or Home Quarantine. For home quarantine you are required to apply separately.

Q. How long is the quarantine period and what is the RM2600 for?
All students are subjected to a compulsory quarantine period of 5-7 days.  The Malaysian government has removed Fix Charges of Operation Cost for quarantine station -RM2,600.00 for all international travelers.  5 days quarantine is applicable to those who have received their booster vaccine.
Q. I understand that online payment is required for Covid-19 detection test charges and quarantine cost before leaving Malaysia. To whom do we have to pay and how much?
  1. We recommend that all students stay at Univillage, a private accommodation across the campus. Kindly be informed that home quarantine on campus is not available. All payments for Home Quarantine will be paid directly to Univillage.
    For further enquiries and payment on rooms, you may email to:
  2. If Quarantine under NADMA, all payment should be made at, (MySafeTravel) or (MyQr Application system by MyEG) and provide the payment slips at International Entry Point. 
    You are advised to carry extra cash in case of any emergency or an extension in your quarantine period. 



Q. How do we apply for the quarantine centre? Can we apply through the university?
  1. International students who wish to enter Malaysia can apply for Home Quarantine if you are fully vaccinated and requirements are met. You may apply for home quarantine approval at this link:
  2. International students are also able to quarantine at the designated quarantine centres arranged by NADMA. Go to, (MySafeTravel) or (MyQr Application system by MyEG). 



Q. Is the quarantine cost inclusive of meals?
  1. Home Quarantine: This package excludes meals, however there are delivery options.
  2. Nadma Quarantine Centre: This package is inclusive of 3 meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may enquire further with the hotel
Q.   I have dietary restrictions e.g. lacto/vegetarian. Would appropriate food be arranged for me during quarantine?
You will need to indicate your food preference in a form that will be provided to you on arrival at the quarantine centre/hotel. This is not applicable for home quarantine. 
Q. Having had almost the entire year online, and paid more fees as an international, why aren't there any fee reductions? The additional quarantine expenses are extremely high, can something be done to help us?

The University is continually providing the learning outcome for all students and there is an option to return to campus, therefore the University will not be able to give any fee reductions. However, if you are facing any financial difficulties you may want to apply for a hardship fund which you can apply online. The quarantine fees are fixed and charged by the government. 

Hardship fund

Fees and scholarship

Q. Can a family member travel with me? Will they be allowed to be quarantined in the same room as me?
Beginning 23rd November 2021, the Malaysian Immigration Department will allow Dependents of International Students to enter Malaysia. Do take note, this facility given by Immigration Department applies to only few categories of students such as; Post Graduate Research students, Post Graduate Taught students and some UG students originating from the middle eastern countries. Kindly refer to the email sent by the Visa Office today 1st December 2021.
Q. Can I choose not to travel since dependents aren’t allowed to accompany me?
You will need to consult your school on this. Kindly refer to the latest email by the provost office.
Q. For the PCR test taken 2 days before the flight, should it be 48 hours before take-off or 48 hours before landing in Malaysia?

Students are required to undergo COVID-19 Screening Test 48 hours before the departure date to Malaysia and the test report must be shown to the officer on duty at the International Entry Point upon arrival. Students must than undergo the COVID-19 Screening Test again at the International Entry Point and do the second PCR  test on either day 4 or day 5 if coming with a booster vaccine or antigen test on day 7 ( if without booster vaccine) 

For Home Quarantine: You can do the PCR test at any private clinic near your home quarantine location or make an appointment with the Health District if you want do the test under the Government scheme. Our In-House Clinic also provides this service at RM250, only cash payment is accepted. 

Q. Where do we find out the list of verified clinics where we can do PCR at in our countries?
We would suggest that you check with your respective Ministry of Health.
Q. Other than PCR test, do returning student have to do regular medical screening like before?
No, returning students are not required to go through post-medical screening.
Q. One email states that there is an isolation room provided by the university upon our arrival, and another email states that we have to inform the University on our isolation centre and our checkout date so they can pick us up. Could you please clarify?

International students arriving in Malaysia are required to undergo quarantine at Quarantine Centres designated by the Malaysian authorities NADMA or apply for Home Quarantine. Kindly be informed that home quarantine/ isolation on campus is not available. International students can inform us via on which Quarantine Centre or hotel you have been allocated and keep us posted on your quarantine process.

International support 

Q. Will the university arrange for transportation from the airport to the quarantine  centre and once the quarantine period is complete will the university arrange travel to campus?
  1.  Home Qurantine: Students can book a taxi /grab from the airport to their home quarantine destination. You are encourgaed to submit your information via our arrival form.  If there are 3 or more students arriving at the same time, we can arrange for a pickup. You are advised to keep in touch with the International Student Support team on this.
  2. NADMA Quarantine: Transfer from the airport to Quarantine Centres is arranged by the Government. International students who have completed their quarantine there, will then be transferred to UNM campus using UNM provided transportation. Students need to inform the International Student Support via email once they check into their hotel accommodation so that prior arrangements can be made. Last minute changes cannot be accommodated 
Q. If the quarantine period ends on the weekend, will university still pick me up?

Yes, that can be arranged as long as you inform us in advance. However the pickup arrangement may not be available during public holidays. In any case you will be notified in advance.

Q. Can we leave the quarantine centre on our own afterward?

No, the University will pick you up from the Government Quarantine Center unless advised by International Student Support otherwise. However the pickup arrangement may not be available during public holidays. In any case you will be notified in advance.

Q. Is there a Wi-Fi facility available at the quarantine centre so I can attend my classes online?
 Preparing to come to campus - accommodation and other questions
Q. I have received an email requesting I advise the authorities on my student accommodation address in order to process my VAL. What address do I need to provide? 

This will be your accommodation address you are going to stay in, either on campus or off campus whichever you have booked. If you have booked university accommodation on campus please inform us. If you have booked off-campus (private) accommodation, we will need to verify your booking to prepare a declaration form to accommodation in order to process your VAL application. 

Please contact the Visa Office once you have booked your accommodation.

New students: new/variation/progression

Returning students: visa renewals

Q. I paid the money for accommodation last semester, but I haven't arrived on campus yet. Can I push forward the accommodation charge to cover a future payment?

Kindly take note of your room validity via the room offer sent to you via email by Accommodation Office.

Your rental charge will be based on your official check in and check out date.

Accommodation Office will collect full payment for first rental invoice in advance. Based on your actual Check-In Date, Accommodation Office will do an adjustment in your student’s account, and a Credit Note will be added into your next rental bill. Therefore, in the next quarterly billing, student will just need to pay the remaining balance only.

In the case that you do not check in at all before the offer duration (as stated in your room offer), you may request to cancel the room offer and request for refund (if you have made the payment) via email.


Q. As an international student, I don’t know how long it will take to get my visa. Do I still need to apply for accommodation in advance?

You can discuss this matter with the Visa Office. As for on-campus accommodation, you may write to the Accommodation Office to check on the availability of the rooms.

Visa Office:

New students: new/variation/progression

Returning students: visa renewals

Accommodation Office:


Q.  I am returning from overseas. When should I book my accommodation?

Please write to the Accommodation Office to check on the availability of the rooms. If you are planning to arrive by next month please do make arrangements with the Accommodation Office directly.


Q.  Can I provide the address of my relatives in Malaysia with whom I’ll be staying after quarantine and while studying at UNM? Or is it compulsory for us to stay in on-campus accommodation?
Ideally, we would recommend all new students to stay in our on-campus accommodation for the purpose of acclimatisation while being new in Malaysia as advised by the Ministry of Higher Education. However, you are allowed to stay with your relatives if you wish to. 
For further information on accommodation arrangements, self isolation policies on campus and the latest SOP's  please visit the accommodation website
Student visa FAQ's for progressing/returning international students 

VAL - Visa approval letter

TA - Travel authorisation

SEV - Single entry visa

i-Kad - Immigration card is issued once student pass is endorsed onto your passport

TE - Transfer endorsement, transfer old visa sticker from old to new passport 

Q. I obtained my travel authorisation (TA) approval in September 2021. Can I use the same TA now to enter?

No. The TA letter is valid for 3 months. You need to inform Visa Office to cancel your old TA and re-apply for a new TA. This process of cancelling will take around 5 working days. Once TA letter approved, please proceed to get clearance from our nearest mission in your country or country of residence for an SEV to enter Malaysia. Please follow the EMGS SOP provided earlier.

Returning students: visa renewals

Q. I have applied for TA but do not wish to enter Malaysia now, will that have an effect to my Student Pass (visa) given it expired last year while pursuing my studies online?
All visa renewals must be submitted to EMGS to process, this is to prove you are continuously and consistently renewing your student pass as part of the ministry requirements. Failure to prove this record may lead to other complications at a later stage, including attestation for your certs by Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) after graduation.
Q. My i-Kad has expired, will I be allowed to enter since my student visa is still valid.

No. Renewal of i-Kad is on yearly basis though your student pass is issued for the full duration of studies. There is a high possibility that the Immigration officers may request this as proof upon your arrival at KLIA. If you have not renewed your i-Kad, please email immediately, the team will assist you with this. Any student who fails to renew your i-Kad will have their student pass revoked by the Immigration Department. No appeal will be allowed in this case.

Returning students: visa renewals

Q. What is the timeline from applying for TA until I get a permission to enter?
The whole process would normally take approximately 21 days after Immmigrtaion Department receive an applicatiion from EMGS. Once approved, you will be notified by the Immigration Department.
Q. If I have a new passport, do I need to key in the number of the new passport or the old passport  for TA application at EMGS?

You need to key in your old passport number and new passport number. Please scan and send to us the full copy of your new passport (all pages). We will make amendments for EMGS for them to update in their system on your renewed passport. Ensure you travel with both passports (old and new), once you have arrived (after completing the quarantine period), please come to the Visa Office and submit your passport. You will need to go through a process called Transfer Endorsement (TE). We will transfer your old Student Pass (visa sticker) from old passport to the new passport. You can then officially use the new passport in Malaysia.

Q. My previous TA was rejected because I was from one of the 23 banned countries. How can I re-apply for a new TA?
Presently, travel ban form all countries has been lifted. Student are allowed to travel to Malaysia but must strictly follow quarantine SOP's set by Ministry of Health. If your student pass expired, you are required to apply for a TA.
Q. My student pass expired last year in June but my passport is still valid, can I enter with the expired visa?
Yes, you need to submit your renewal application through the Visa Office immediately. Our Renewal team will make the necessary arrangements to submit to EMGS. Once it is supported, you may apply for TA and enter Malaysia, please ensure you get a Single Entry Visa (if applicable) and clearance (Permission To Enter) from our nearest mission in your country of residence.
Q. My student visa expired in Nov 2020. If I come back to Malaysia and renew my visa, how long will be my renewed student visa be valid for?
Your new student pass will be renewed from the last day of your pass expiry date; generally the pass will be extended from November 2020 to November 2022. Upon receiving the passport from us, the Immigration Dept will issued Student Pass for 2 years (this means for 2020 to 2021 and 2021 to 2022). It is the discretion of Immigration to issue either one or two student pass sticker which will reflect in your passport.
Q. If I received Student Pass for full duration of studies (2 years and 3 years), do I have to pay yearly insurance? Can I avoid paying insurance as I have insurance covered from my home country?
Students who receives Student Pass for full duration of studies must be insured by Malaysian Insurance Company. You will have to make insurance payment separately thru our Finance on yearly basis before your i-Kad is applied for renewal. All international students are requirded to have a valid insurance in Malaysia until you complete your studies and graduate. This is mandatory reqiurement set by Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia (MoHE).
Q. I am defering my studies (VIS) for one year (Sep 2021), am I entitle to stay in Malaysia and proceed for my student pass renewal before my Sep 2022 start?
Students who opt for deferment must shorten/cancel their student pass and leave the country as part of Immigration Dept requirements. Please email to for further enquirires.


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