On campus accommodation

All residential halls are within easy walking distance to the academic buildings and on-campus conveniences like retail, food and beverage outlets, plus in door and outdoor sports and leisure facilities.

The University offer various room types to suit your budget within our 11 halls of residence, totaling about 2,400 beds. They range from single ensuite bathroom, twin shared to four shared rooms with or without air-conditioning. We also have special rooms for residents with special needs.




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Facilities and amenities

All our rooms are fully furnished with an internet connection. Every floor has a pantry-area where light cooking is allowed. Each room in Student Village North (J Halls) has a mini refrigerator while Student Village South (I Halls) rooms share refrigerators in the common Pantry Lounge on each floor.

There are also free maintenance (upon appointment) and free room cleaning services (upon request) in the presence of the Resident. Residents may use the coin-operated laundry facilities at their own expense available in both Student Villages North and South. Student Village North has two Hubs, Radius and Nexus, where additional facilities are located, including TV room, Games room and leisure learning spaces.

Residents will also have access to the Sports Complex, including the gymnasium and swimming pool, and an on-campus medical clinic. 



Rooms and rentals

Rentals are inclusive of water, electricity and WIFI. For rooms with air-conditioning, there is a seperate meter reading for air-conditioning usage. Meter reading will be taken on a monthly basis and chargeable to the resident on a quarterly basis.

Accommodation Rental
Room TypeCodesRoom Rates (Per Month)Total Number of Beds
Super Deluxe Single Ensuite Bathroom, A/C SDSEB A/C  RM1000  393
Deluxe Single Room with Ensuite Bathroom, A/C DSEB A/C  RM750  592
Single Room with Ensuite Bathroom, A/C SEB A/C  RM680   330
Single Room with Shared Ensuite Bathroom, A/C SSEB A/C  RM615   212
Single Room in 5 Rooms Flat, Shared Bathroom, A/C SSB A/C  RM585   100
Single Room with Shared Ensuite Bathroom SSEB  RM510   108
Single Room in 5 Room Flat, Shared Bathroom SSB  RM480   120
Twin Shared Room in 3 Rooms Flat, Shared Bathroom TWIN  RM455   252
Four Shared Room, Shared Bathroom QUAD  RM395   48


Floor Plan




Only light cooking and heating up of food and drinks are allowed at the designated pantry area on every floor. Residents are advised to bring their own utensils, cutlery and crockery. Only halal food is allowed to be cooked and stored in the pantry.

We have on-campus F&B outlets, some of which operate 24x7, besides the vending machines.


During the semester months (February to May, and September to December), you may also get to enjoy the following:

Night Market (Pasar Malam) Tuesdays

  • On this day, vendors will be selling local noodles and rice dishes, burgers and fries, finger food, snacks, beverages, fashion accessories, pre-owned books, and more.
  • Stalls will start operating from 4.30pm onwards.

Campfire Night @ Radius

  • Free light refreshments and fruits.
  • There will be food trucks available but attendees can bring their own snacks.
  • Campfire nights will be held on the last Thursday of every month from 7.30-10pm.


Application process

Applying for UNM’s on-campus accommodation is straightforward. Students can access our Online Accommodation Application portal. You will be able to submit accommodation preferences and other necessary information. We encourage students to apply as early as possible as accommodation spaces are limited. 

For more information regarding Campus Accommodation, please refer to our Accommodation Handbook




What is campus accommodation?
Campus accommodation refers to housing options provided by the university within its premises for students attending the institution. Campus accommodation can come in several variations - dormitories, apartments, or shared housing units.
What is the difference between off-campus accommodation and on-campus accommodation?

Off-campus accommodation refers to housing options that are not situated within the university’s premises. These can include privately rented apartments, houses, or shared accommodations outside the campus area.

On-campus accommodation is housing provided by the university within its campus boundaries. This allows students to stay closer to the university facilities and campus amenities.

Is it better to be on campus or off-campus?

The choice between on-campus and off-campus accommodation depends on the student’s preferences, circumstances, and priorities. For instance, lifestyle choices, budget and personal comfort. Benefits of on-campus housing include:

  • Proximity to academic buildings
  • Access to university resources
  • A sense of community with other students who are staying on campus.
  • Convenience and easy access to campus activities.

Off-campus accommodation may offer:

  • More independence
  • Varied housing options
  • Opportunities to experience living outside the university environment.
What type of campus accommodation options are available at UNM?

Our university offers various types of accommodation to cater to different preferences and budgets, including

  • Single rooms
  • Twin shared rooms
  • Four shared rooms
How to apply for campus accommodation at UNM?
Both new and returning students can apply for on-campus accommodation via the Online Accommodation Application portal.
Are meal plans available for students staying at UNM’s campus accommodation?
There are no meal plan available. However, light cooking is allowes at the designated pantry areas, and there 24-hour on-campus F&B outlets, meaning that students will not have any difficulty when it comes to meals.
Is on-campus accommodation guaranteed for all students?
While UNM strives to accommodate as many students as possible, on-campus housing availability might be limited. It is advisable to apply for accommodation early to secure a place in your preferred residence.
What are the costs associated with campus accommodation?
Accommodation fees vary depending on the type of room chosen. Please refer to the breakdown of monthly room rates above.
Are there specific rules and regulations for on-campus accommodation residents?
Yes, there are guidelines and rules in place to ensure a safe and conducive living environment for all residents. For instance, these may include guest policies and noise regulations. For more information, please refer to our Accommodation Handbook.
Can international students apply for on-campus accommodation?
Yes, international students are encouraged to apply for on-campus accommodation. We aim to provide a diverse and inclusive living environment that caters to students from various backgrounds.