Accommodation FAQs

Many of your queries may be found in the Q & A section below.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or call +603 8924 8604.

1. How and when do I apply for Accommodation?

All applications by new students or returning residents must be made through the On Line Accommodation Application (OLAA) portal.

New students may apply for on-campus accommodation as soon as you have your Nottingham Student ID which is usually issued soon after you have submitted your course application.

Current students who are progressing/continuing their studies (returning residents) are encouraged to apply in March for the new Academic Year starting in September.

2. When can I Check-In to my Room?

Kindly inform Accommodation Office of your arrival date at least 3 working days in advance via online check in form ( > Campus Services > Accommodation > Accommodation Check – In) so that your room will be ready upon your arrival. Failure to do so may affect your check-in experience. 

Our normal check-in hours are:

Monday to Friday: 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, State & Public Holidays: Closed

If your submitted check-in timing is outside of the normal check-in hours, kindly ensure that you have received a confirmation from Accommodation Office who will make the necessary arrangements for your Check-In.

If you unable to access to my, please refer to Question 4.

3. What are the Check-In procedures?
Those travelling by your own transportation, taxi or GRAB should make your way to the Accommodation office at Radius (Block J) or Tioman Hall (Block I) for check-in and room key collection.
4. How do I login to 

For new students, please ensure that you have activated your University username before accessing the portal. If you are still unable to access after activating your username, please allow 2 - 3 days before you could access the portal or try to reset your password by following the steps below.

To change or update your password,

1. Go to

2. Go to Existing User.

3. Enter your university’s username and current password then click Login.

3. Click Change My Password from the left-hand side of the window and follow the instructions.

4. Click Logout in the top right-hand corner of the window.  

An example of recommended password: My@Nott247$ 

1.    Password is case sensitive. 

2.    Must be at least 8 characters long. 

3.    Must be no more than 32 characters long. 

4.    Must include at least 1 number. 

5.    Must have at least 1 symbol or special character. 

6.    Must have at least 1 lowercase letter. 

7.    Must have at least 1 uppercase letter. 

8.    Must not include part of your name or user name. 

9.    Must not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters or form a word. 

10.   New password may not have been used previously. 

* Please note that every time you change the password, the old password is no longer usable. One password for all except OLAA. 

Alternatively, you may provide your details without login via > Accommodation Check-In (link).

Features accessible via are: 

a) e-Housekeeping Service to apply for housekeeping service ( > Campus Services > Accommodation > e-Housekeeping) 

b) Vehicle Parking Permit ( > Security > Vehicle Parking Permit | Traffic Fines Payment)  

c) Check-In Form ( > Campus Services > Accommodation > Check-In) 

d) Room Transfer Request ( > Campus Services > Accommodation > Room Transfer Request)

5. Is accommodation guaranteed?

The accommodation is guaranteed for all new students starting their foundation, first-year undergraduate or postgraduate studies. However, we do not guarantee the availability of your preferred room type. Your chances are greater the earlier you apply, accept and pay for your preferred room as we allocate rooms on a “First Come First Served with Payment” basis.

For returning students, room availability is not assured. Applications will be treated based on the priority below.

  • 17 years old and below.
  • Students with disabilities.

Applications will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to those meeting the specified criteria.

6. What is available for students with special needs?

The university has wheel chair friendly accommodations located on the ground floor and have previously housed visually challenged and physically challenged residents.

If you have a physical disability or have special needs, kindly indicate when applying via OLAA and provide written supporting documentation or medical reports from a registered physician/doctor. These will be forwarded to our Student Wellbeing and Learning Support Office for further advise and assessment.

7. What happens when I cannot get my preferred Room Type?

In the event that you do not get your preferred room type, it is recommended that you accept what is been offered to prevent further delay.

You will have the chance to change to your preferred room type by applying for room transfer after you have checked-in to the room offered to you.

Your room transfer request will be processed according to room availability due to “No Show”.

8. When will I know what I have been offered?
Should you not hear from Accommodation one week after application, please email
9. How do I pay for my Accommodation Rental?

There are several payment methods available for students to make accommodation payments. Full details will be provided in the tax invoice when we issue your room offer. 

Payment MethodDescription
Nottinghamhub Cash: Please note that cash payments are not acceptable.
Credit or debit cards (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX), online banking and e-wallet (Grabpay or Touch'nGo ewallet) are accepted.
Bank Transfer or Direct Bank-In Please remember to submit the transaction slip to Finance Office.

CIMB Bank Berhad
Bank Address: No.17 Jalan Jelok 6, Metro Point, 43000, Kajang Selangor
Payee Name: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Bank Account Number: 8008306319
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL


Affin Bank Berhad
Bank Address: LTAT Branch, Bangunan LTAT, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Payee Name: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Sdn Bhd 
Account Number: 100260005567
Swift Code: PHBMMYKL
Credit/Debit Card Only acceptable at Finance Counters at 1st Floor, Block A, Trent Building or Student Services Centre, 1st Floor, Block H, SA Building, University of  Nottingham  Malaysia.

Operating hour: Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays - 9.30am to 5.00pm
Crossed Cheque/Bank Draft Please issue to “The University of Nottingham in Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.” 

Please write the name of the student, student ID, passport/IC No. and invoice number on the reverse side of the cheque or bank transfer advice.  
Flywire Go to for payment. Valid for International students only.

If you have questions, you may refer to their support page or reach their team at


10. What is included in my Accommodation Rental?

Accommodation rental fee is inclusive of:

• WiFi connection

• Utilities – water and electricity

• First 200 kwH (400kwH for SDSEB A/C) air conditioning usage

• Room Housekeeping & Maintenance Services

A monthly electricity charge of RM0.509 per unit of electricity above 200 kwh will be imposed according to the usage measured by the air-conditioning electricity meter. The first 200 kwh (1-200 kwh) is not charged to encourage sensible usage. The electricity rate is granted and changed by Energy Commission.

Billing Cycle for Air-Con Charges:Additional usage above 200 kwH per month will be billed on a quarterly basis based on metre reading as follows:

Billing Month

For Period


Dec, Jan, Feb


Mar, Apr, May


Jun, Jul, Aug


Sep, Oct, Nov

11. What do I need to bring with me?

Upon checking in, you will receive a Welcome Pack consisting of a soap bar, hair comb, shaving kit, dental kit - toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap, cotton bud and sewing kit).

Your fully furnished room includes
 Bed frame  Mattress  Study table & chair  Wardrobe
 Bookshelf  Notice Board  Pedastal with drawers  Bedside table
 Ceiling fan  Curtains  Dustbin  Wash basin
 Mirror  Water heater  Air-condtioning (Depends on room type)  


Deluxe Single Ensuite Bathroom (DSEB) and Super Deluxe Single Ensuite Bathroom (SDSEB) rooms located at Student Village North only will also have a mini refrigerator inside the room.

Refrigerators are also available in the common pantry/kitchen (equipped with microwave oven and infrared cooker). Hot and cold-water dispensers are available at every floor of each hall. 

You may consider bringing the following: drinking cup, plates, fork and spoon, thermos flask, crockery (if you wish to cook), pail and personal bedding items.

You may consider purchasing our Bedding Pack consisting of the following: pillow, duvet single, bed sheet, pillow case, hand towel and bath towel at RM160.00.

12. Can I bring a car with me?
Residents may login and apply for a “Red” Vehicle Parking Permit via the apps.nottingham portal > Security > Vehicle Parking Permit that will allow you to park at designated zone according to the time of the day. Kindly take note that limited parking bays are available. Illegally parked vehicles will be clamped by Security Office.
13. What is the Billing Cycle for Rental Charges?

Effective from April 2015, room rentals will be billed on a quarterly basis as follows:

Intake Billing Month Standard Rental Period




1st Feb


Mar, Apr, May


Jun, Jul, 31st Aug





1st Apr, May


Jun, Jul, Aug


Sep, Oct, Nov


Dec, Jan, Feb


Mar, Apr, 31st May




1st Jun, Jul, Aug


Sep, Oct, Nov


Dec, Jan, Feb


Mar, Apr, 31st May




1st Sep, Oct, Nov


Dec, Jan, Feb


Mar, Apr, 31st May

14. Do you have accommodation for families and couples?

We do provide short stay accommodation for couples and small families. The following are provided for each room type:

a) Deluxe Studio Room (Twin Occupancy). Each Deluxe Studio Room unit include bedroom with queen size bed; lounge with sofa and dining table, pantry with mini bar and microwave oven, television and ensuite bathroom with water heater. 

b) Single Studio Room (Single Occupancy). Each Single Studio Room unit include bedroom with single size bed, study table and chair, lounge with sofa and dining table, and ensuite bathroom with water heater.

15. How far away is the accommodation from campus?

Since the accommodation halls are located within the campus, all academic and non-academic facilities are just a few minutes’ walk away.

Our accommodation halls are located at Student Village North/ J Block (J1 - J6) and Student Village South/ I Block (I1 - I5). Please refer to the campus map for more information.

16. Can I move out before the end of the agreed duration of stay?

Yes, you are allowed to check out before the semester ends. The resident must do the following to check out successfully.  

1) Please fill out and submit the Check Out Form via email. Verbal notifications will not be accepted;

2) Book your room inspection slot. You may request for slot within 7 working days before check out. 

3) Return your room key complete with the room number tag; 

4) Vacate your room by removing all your belongings; and 

5) Settle all outstanding fees for your accommodation 

If you have any overpayment, please submit the Refund Form.

Alternatively, you may use this link.

17. How do I connect to the WIFI available within the on-campus accommodation?

If you have your Student ID and Email Username, you may connect to SNSwifi using the following steps:

Step 1 Go to WI-FI setting on your device.
Step 2 Select the WI-FI network “SNSwifi”.
Step 3 When prompted, enter your “” followed by your password.
Step 4 Accept certificate if prompted.


For Android/iPhone/iPad devices, follow the instructions below: 

1.       Please select the 'PEAP' in EAP method. 

2.       Please select 'Do not verify/validate' or 'None' in the CA certificate field. 

3.       Please select 'MSCHAPv2' in Phase-2 authentication 

4.       Please select 'Phone/System MAC' for MAC address type (if available) 

5.       Use your university's email as Identity (leave Anonymous Identity blank) and university's password 

6.       Domain (if required): '' 

7.       *Note: Find 3 & 4 hidden under Advanced options if available 

For more information, please click here.

18. If I am a sponsored student, do I need to pay my accommodation rental?

You are advised to follow-up with the University's Sponsorship Office on payment arrangements for your accommodation.

Generally, you are advised to pay the accommodation rental to secure your offered room. The amount paid will be refunded to you once your sponsor has confirmed the arrangements for your accommodation.

19. Do I need to pay full month rent if I check-in after the 16th of the calendar month?

The following cut-off dates are being practiced.

  Check-In / Check-Out Dates Rental Charged
A Check-In Before 16th Full month rental
B Check-In 16th onwards Half month rental
C Check-Out Before 16th Half month rental
D Check-Out 16th onwards Full month rental


Residents are still required to pay full rental as per the above Billing Cycle. Credits/Deductions will be calculated as follows for the 4 scenarios A to D:

A. Full month rental is charged, do deduction.

B. Half month rental will be credited/deducted against the next quarter billing.

C. Half month rental will be refunded.

D. Full month rental is charged, do deduction.

20. Where do I report on maintenance issues?

Please use Maintain X to report any maintenance issues. You will be notified via email about the progress and action of each request as it happens.

21. What about cancellation and "No Show" situations?

If the applicant cancels the room booking (after paying the advanced rental fees):

  • within 14 days after programme registration date, or
  • within 14 days before check-in date

The advance rental paid will be refunded with RM100 deducted as administrative charges.

Accommodation office will refund in full the advanced rental to the applicant if the student application status is withdrawn for academic reasons, does not meet academic requirements or is disqualified to study at UNM. Kindly submit the Refund Form to

22. What is Super Deluxe Single Ensuite Bathroom with air conditioning (SDSEB A/C)?

Super deluxe single ensuite bathroom with air-conditioning (SDSEB A/C) is the improved room type located at J3 (Lankayan Hall) and J6 (Perhentian Hall). The benefits of the room include:

  1. Larger than average student accommodation room space (163 sq ft).
  2. Complimentary 400kW air-conditioning electrical usage (currently equivalent to RM204 per month at current TNB rates). Please note that the current monthly rental only includes 200kW for air-conditioning electrical usage. 
  3. Utilities costs for electricity and water.
  4. Complimentary housekeeping once a week.
  5. Maintenance services.  
  6. Wi-fi.  
  7. A mini fridge. 

Features of the upgrade include: 

  • New bathroom fixtures, waterproofing, and improved plumbing
  • Freshly painted rooms 
  • New floor tiles 
  • New or as new furniture in all rooms 
  • New or as new Slumberland mattress
  • New LED lighting 
  • Enclosed corridors at each end 

The price of SDSEB A/C per month is RM1000. 

23. Can I bring visitors into my room?

All visitors (including friends, relatives, and/or family members) are allowed to visit the residents. Only same gender visitors are allowed into the resident's room but must leave before 12 midnight. No visitors, irrespective of gender are allowed in the resident's room between 12 midnight until 8am. All visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the accommodation halls.

If any of the above is violated, the incident will be reported by the hall warden and/or hall tutors to UNM, which may involve reports being made to parents/guardians and eviction from the accommodation halls.

24. Where can I find more details about Accommodation Terms & Conditions?
For a copy of the Accommodation Handbook, please click here.