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Health examination


Medical Screening Requirements

All students applying for a student pass must declare EMGS Health Declaration form and the related visa documents for the application of Visa Approval Letter to the Visa Office.

  • EMGS-Health Declaration Form
  • Vaccinations Certificates (copy)
    • International students are also required to take the vaccines listed in the Health Examination Form. Please produce the certificate of vaccinations for VAL application purposes.
    • Please note that a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required from all International Students coming from or transited more than 12 hours through countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission.
    • Documents to be submitted to the Visa Office pertaining Medical Screening:

**EMGS will not be able to process your VAL without the vaccination certificates.

Post Arrival/In-Country Medical Screening

New International students are required to attend a Medical Screening at an EMGS panel clinic within 7 working days after arrival in Malaysia. This is a mandatory process and failing to complete this check may result in the cancellation of your visa.

  • EMGS reserves the right to request a repeat test should there be any doubt in the findings of the initial medical report.  
  • Immigration authorities reserve the right to revoke any student/dependent pass or visa if there is evidence of false information in a report and/or supporting documents.
  • If a student fails the medical examination no refund will be given. 
  • Students are allowed to appeal and redo the test should they fail, but additional cost will be incurred and be borne by the student.

Please bring along the documents below for the post arrival health screening and proceed to the International Student Support for further information.


Students are advised to avoid taking medications containing opioids from  1 month prior to departure . Kindly ask your treating doctors to give alternative medicine which does not contain opioid or issue a medical letter if u have to be treated with only opioid containing medicines due to medical reasons. It is important for you to remember the name of the medication you were taking prior to departure and declare it correctly in your medical forms during the post-arrival medical screening. Any student with positive urine opioid test will fail the medical examination.

Students with medical conditions, please check our Guidelines for Certification for Foreign Students.

Students who are tested positive for illegal drugs or are undergoing dialysis treatment will also be refused entry.


Ms. Rita Vengidesan 

International Student Support Officer

Tel: +6 (03) 8924 8750




Important :

Carefully read the instructions on the first page of the form.


All information must be completed with a black ink pen and capital letters


All documents pertaining to your health declaration and visa are to be submitted to the Visa Office


Please keep a copy for your own reference.



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