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Study Abroad Programme

Students from outside Malaysia who would like to spend a part of their degree at the University of Nottingham Malaysia may be able to do so through the Study Abroad Programme.

Fee-paying students are able to apply from any university. An agreement between The University of Nottingham and your home university is required before an offer is issued.

Modules are available across most disciplines and are part of the regular undergraduate curriculum, enabling international study abroad students to study alongside Malaysia Campus home students.

Student studying outside


Tuition fees

A Study Abroad student will be required to pay the tuition fee to cover the cost of tuition as published on University Tuition Fees

Important information before you apply

Due to the new Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Immigration recent ruling, all International students planning to study in Malaysia MUST apply for the approval to study in Malaysia BEFORE entering Malaysia. Failure to obtain this approval letter on time will lead to International students not allowed to enter Malaysia and register with the University.

The University will not be liable for any action taken by the Malaysian Immigration Authorities if you do not adhere to this new ruling.

Application fee

The University charges an application fee of RM200 for international students applying for all courses (foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate/research).

 All international applicants must complete and attach the application fee form (pdf) as well as proof of payment. 

Ways to pay:


How to apply for Study Abroad

You should contact the Study Abroad Office at your Home University and Faculty Office to get an approval for study abroad. Once you get the approval please proceed with the application.

Paper applications

Complete and send us the following forms:

Also attach the following supporting documents:

  • Latest Official Academic Transcripts  certified by home University
  • Copy of your passport (biometric page only)
  • Proof of payment for your application fee
  • Nomination Letter from Home University
  • Complete Visa documents

Where to send your application

After you have completed your application form(s) please return it by email

Nomination & Application deadline

Nomination from home University:

  • 1 April for Autumn/Full Year
  • 1 September for Spring

Application deadline :

  • 1 May for Autumn/Full Year
  • 1 October for Spring

 Visa Application deadline :

  • 1 May for Autumn/Full Year
  • 1 October for Spring 

When nominating students, partners must submit an official transcript.

Entry Requirements

All International Study Abroad applicants must be current students at an overseas university or college of higher education and have completed at least one year of study at their home university. The minimum academic requirement is a GPA of at least 3.0 (or equivalent).

English language requirements

Students from non English speaking Partner Universities will be required to submit proof of English certificates  (e.g. IELTS / TOEFL).

For more info, please email INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT 

Module preferences

Please specify which modules you would like to study whilst you are at UNM. For more information please refer to our course listing.

Students should also:

  • ensure that you select modules of a suitable level. If there is a particular module that you are required to take in order for you to graduate from your home university, please indicate this with an asterisk (*). If this module has pre-requisites, students should provide evidence that they meet these pre-requisites.
  • be aware that the normal credit load for one semester is 60 credits and for one year is 120 credits. All students must adhere to 60 credits per semester.
  • be advised to select more than the required credit load when applying in case your first choice is unavailable. Students are encouraged to discuss suitable modules with their home university prior to arrival at UNM and to be flexible in their selection.
  • For language modules please specify the language level (e.g. Spanish 2a)

Visas and immigration

All international mobility students studying in Malaysia will be required to obtain a Student Mobility Pass. For more detailed information on steps/payments, please visit our offer holders section.

Health and insurance

In compliance with the Malaysian Ministry of Education, all full time international students who are planning to study at any higher education institution in Malaysia are required to undergo a health examination without exception.

All international students are also required to obtain medical and health insurance throughout their period of study in Malaysia.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia has arranged for a Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Plan to deal with any health emergencies that might arise during your period of study.



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